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what can I say, within the scope of possibilities allowed by 300 words, to prove to you once and for all that I am human?

Would it be to show you that I noticed the early morning fog crawl itself back through the tall spires of the eucalyptus(more)
the machine is always on.  it never stops.  Its whirling, its twirling, its clever little levers leave us in amazement and dreamy silence .  hypnotizing us before it moves forward and crushes us under its oversized cogs.
The promise of the morning opening with the new day and announced by the sun rising over the ocean sparkling through the open window.  The wafts of the coffee, already brewing, brought a feeling of purpose and clarity I hadn’t felt in a while. I grabbed a large mug and(more)
The fragrant site of the newly formed sun
pushing through the clouds

The oceans edge with its urgent telling
and continued pounding
and the words provided
fragments and glimpses
into a mind
most mysterious
the path to the market wound through the minds and the imaginations of my brother and me.  first starting out in the woods outside our house, we rounded the corner behind the back gate and made our way out into the fields.
from the top of the hill out past(more)
praises, sung from the chandelier  
praises, sung from the handle
of the now open door

words still dripping
off the walls (more)