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The last thing they added was torque
To make art from this set of old forks
They had melted and burned,
Now the flatware was turned
Into sculptures of pigeons and storks.
Even Carl's Sunday School teacher's thought he was an asshole.

Not that they ever called him that, no, they veiled their true feelings toward him through repeated murmerings of how "troubled" or "lost" or "possessed by the devil he was."

Carl wasn't any of those things, thoug(more)
She tested the fabric again, this time dropping a nickel. It bounced, but just barely.
She tightened the knucklebone screws that bound it to the edges of the drum and tried again, using the same nicked.
It bounced high, and she was rewarded with a full-bodied hit of t(more)
It's over by Yourself.
Between Him and Her, but behind Them.
If you've passed Theirs, you've gone too far, but keep a look out for Sometimes, because that'll let you know you're in the right area.
Don't worry about getting lost. Just go to Yours and ask for direction(more)
"Excuse me?" he said, tapping lightly on the desk. The woman behind the counter barely glanced up from filing her nails. She looked like she wanted to be there as much as he did. He continued, undeterred. "Yes, erm...well. There seems to have been a slight, eh, misunderstanding, if(more)
With the house now engulfed by flames, the least of his worries was the table.
Boy, it was hot. Like, really hot. I mean, he knew fire was hot, on principle, but he had never been surrounded by quite so much.
He used his shoe to pry open t(more)
"--thought we bloody had some," she practically shouted storming out of the freezer. I nodded sympathetically, hoping she hadn't asked a question.
"Mmmm," I said, ambiguously. She looked expectant, so I continued. "Yes, well. I hate to inconvenience you, but it has to be done, and you're the only(more)
"So, dull?" he asked.
She shrugged and tapped her cigarette on top of the side mirror. He frowned. It left a weird mark when she did that, and not that he didn't love her more than the car left a weird mark.
"It's not dull, though," she sighed(more)