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i feel beads of sweat sliding down my forehead,
gently, like bits of silk have just squeezed through my pores,
and the fan is on the other side of the room.
it doesn't quite seem worth the effort to turn it on,
but i do it anyway,
and the(more)
the great, hungry void,
an endless black sea,
invites me to be destroyed.
"cease 'me,' become 'we.' "

the dark palace is the place (more)
ice to liquid to vapor
as ice,
it can be hard to see yourself as vapor,
you're so solid and cold and powerful
and the world must try hard to break you
as liquid, (more)
a yellow petal
slowly sways to the soft earth,
wholly unnoticed.
the sand seeps between my toes,
and as it tickles my skin, my nerves, me
i wonder what the sand might look like
if it rose above my knees, my hips, my chest, my head.
i wonder what the sand might look like (more)
What I find when I open my eyes
is that everything has upped a size.
The pillow kissing the back of my head
is now more like an entire bed.
The candy foil on the ground doesn't fail to astound:
it's like an umbrella without the stick; (more)
It's nighttime. He's chasing a person dressed in all black, chasing them across a dark field. He grips a pistol in his right hand. His chest heaves. His heart's beating like it hadn't since his police training.
Catching them could be the highlight of his career. And even though(more)
Her eyes dart back and forth,
just like her thoughts.
Her front teeth keep scraping her bottom lip
as she picks at bloody dots
until they eventually rip,
causing colossal crimson drops to blot (more)
She looks down and then all around,
at the beady eyes and plastered-on smiles,
None she cares for. But she's bound,
bound by those long-held customs,
bound to marry a man she despises.
Sometimes she'd rather drown. (more)
I was in a garden.  Night reigned over the world, while the machinations of my mind leaped out as though they were kittens eager to exit a pet carrier.

As I tried to grasp the grass beneath me, it slipped through my fingers like water through a strainer.
Still darkness envelops me; before sleep comes, I think I must unwind. Give attention to the inner babble.
Fuzzy floating feathers fill that special crevice of the mind, along with a plethora of silly, beautiful worldly objects.
As I'm pursuing psychological travel, the visions slowly unravel.
Chromatic furs, g(more)
His arms, coated in the navy blue Armani suit, rested on the black couch cushions. A smirk was slowly forming on his handsome face. He had that angular jaw, straight nose, high cheekbones kind of look.
In the kitchen her small hands moved back and forth like a pendulum(more)
We're in a funny place with funny rules. Degrees matter.
Look into their eyes, but don't look too long. Ask questions, but don't turn the conversation into an interview. Grip their hand firmly, but not too firmly.
And what is it all for? To impress? (more)
Black dots litter his jawline like pebbles on a beach,
and his dark eyes, once locked on yours, never falter.
One wrong word and his temper is a firecracker,
darting into the air like the volume of his voice. (more)
It's nighttime,
and the dusty blinds won't let me unwind my mind.
For hours I'd been at it.
"Don't you think you ought to kick that habit?"
But I have to get rid of the mental itch;
it's like I've been cursed by some evil witch. (more)