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It's okay to regret things,
Just don't let them eat at you.
No one gets to change the past
and it's ridiculous to wish for a do over.
Congregation, conjugation, conflagration.

I grew up on a farm in Iowa. Friendless. Faithless. Fruitless.
I grew up a lost cause. They preached that everyone is born with potential- anyone can be saved.

They never met a lost cause like me.

Congregation, conjugation, conflagration.

I b(more)
I guess I had this impression that graves were supposed to resemble the dead.

I don't know where that came from. But before I visited the first time after, that's what I imagined. That the way the gravestone curved should resemble the soft angle of your cheekbones, the(more)
We talked about her all the time.
The cat lady that lived two streets over.
We looked for the cats, spent hours ducked under trucks, ignoring burning pavement and then sharp branches, as we coaxed kittens out of bushes.
I guess we kind of marvelled that one lady could(more)
It's raining tonight, old man.
I know you can feel it.
Your joints are weak and your bones creak and you can feel the dampness in your legs, in your arms, in your chest.
Your body is failing, and it's not just age. It's a gift from the people.(more)
The well-groomed persian-cat with the jewelled collar-
Not I,
but the ragged, patchy alley-kit with snaggled teeth.
If you find beauty in a certain type of roughness,
maybe you will think me pretty.
Sometimes I look down the street
and remember the green grass
and the hot sun
and my nails scrabbling at your skin,
my lungs gasping for oxygen while you both held me down.
It just isn't the same without you here.
disney always talks of true love,
love of your life,
one love.
i was thirteen years old and naivety was my middle name.
but if you try and tell me i didn't love that boy true enough
i'll slit your throat with the razors of my once-sinless innocence
take us back to the cold winter days spent in that ocean paradise
where the boys ordered us hot cocoa
and our stereo played louder than the midnight rain on the beach
if i'm going down
i'll be sure
to pull you with me.
When you fidget impatiently. When you talk a mile a minute. When you're contemplatively silent. When your eyes catch the light of the sun. When you laugh. When ask a thousand questions. When you act like the world hasn't brought you down yet. When anger tinges your voice. When(more)
They say your heart beats
at temperatures just a little under 100° F
But I am sure yours runs much colder than that.
Everyone finds themselves stuck somewhere-
on muddy dirt roads,
in dead-end jobs,
in foreign airports,
in loveless marriages,
in lives we never wanted to live. (more)
"It'll be perfectly safe, sir," one of my assistant researchers tells the subject. "We're very dedicated to saftey here. There are, obviously, many risks involved with a procedure such as this, but we've been very sure to minimize them. We have trained medical officers here to monitor you. If(more)
loving you was probably the worst decision i ever made.