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I trusted you with secrets no one ever knew
You ended up manipulating me
I started falling for you
Turns out I wasn't your cup of tea
I want you to remember how bad you made me feel
All the pain and heart-ache that will never heal (more)
I need to get over you
It's long overdue
I see you every day
If only I could convey
What I felt was
Real? Legitimate? I don't know anymore.. (more)
I like you
You told me that I was too messed up
I thought you liked me
Turns out it was a coverup
I'm not anxiety ridden
I'm just me (more)
singing in front of people
dancing in front of people
Not ever
all i have is the courage i find
Although I felt something
I didn't know if it was real

My heart skipped a beat
My love I love you (more)
you look at me
i look at you
we sit under a tree
remembering how we grew
you were always by my side
its just like a flashback (more)
in the empty bar i stare
at the two of us so fair
my eyes are yours
and your face is mine
it looks like a mirror
only its much clearer (more)
The angels have the phone box.... That is all....
I raise you up
I show you the way
You doubt that anyone cares
But I do
You have yourself convinced that life is better without you
It's not
You are only human
You punch a wall and slice an x on your hand
I'm trying to help but(more)
I'm taken
Not by a man or woman
But by life
I'm constantly moving forward
Trying to keep everyone happy and normal
But I rarely succeed (more)
They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
But of course that's only to make life bolder
Remembering the stars
Remembering how far
You ask me "can we go now?"
My response is "No" (more)
I thought I loved you, apparently not
I thought you cared, apparently not
You gave me false hope, apparently not
I've moved on now and you are still stationary
Now you're stuck in solitary
Now I don't care (more)

Lights bounce off a mirror into the sky.
Along the line only to clarify
The water is clear
Then it disappears
Lights refract off a surface never colored (more)