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I don't think I can handle telling the truth
To you I'm just a friend
To me I feel as if you are more
I dont know why
I want what I can't have
You (more)
I used to tune myself out
Take care of others needs
I can't anymore
Theirs are to powerful
To strong
I need to focus on my own self (more)
the lack of glasses to shield such eyes
so innocent
so non flirtatious
such lack of a barrier to stop the rays of light
leading to pain
leading to darkness (more)
Follow your light wherever it shines
Follow your arrow wherever it points
Don't let people constrain you
Don't let them hold you down
And if they do
Get back up (more)
My expectations of you,
Never met
But I got something new.
New ways to think,
New expectations,
Great expectations.
I have to get out alive
I'm all alone
I must get in a car and drive
Away from my past
And towards my present
It's all gone by way to fast (more)
They say "She's too smart for her own good"
I see the way they sneer
The gleam in their eyes
The look of anger overcomes me
Pushing my boundaries
Making me think outside the coloring lines (more)
Brave hearts
Brave souls
Sitting next to then afar
Wanting (more)
I've fallen for you
I want to tell you
I can't
I keep falling for those grey eyes
My green one search for yours (more)
A charming smile
Beckoning me forth for a while
Pulling me closer and closer every day
I know it may seem cliché
I want you to be my first kiss
You are sweet and caring and give me bliss (more)
Back                                                     (more)
I feel drunk
Maybe I am
Maybe I'm not
Ok fine i am a little drunk but hey it cant hurt
Only heal the wounds
The scars on my arms and the scars on my heart (more)
im under your spell
you have me enthralled and like putty in your hands
cant sleep or stop to think with out your image in my mind
people think im an idiot for still liking you but i do and i should keep
until my heart shatters
until you(more)

piercing noises through the sky