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Inside or outside boots, inside or outside socks, fresh out of the bath or dry as a bone. Uncle Josh called me Cricket since I was always rubbing em together. Trying to get the itch off.  They itch since I don't know when. And nobody seems to know what is(more)
His, well, real skin was flat and real plain, but never stayed that way. He was always itching an itch that seemed to runaway whenever he tried to itch it. Poor kid looked so ragged sometimes. And sometimes people asked if he's a burn victim. All he ever did(more)
I could have been clean. Like how Kray would have wanted. The dishes. The floors. The counters. The toilet was a lost cause. But the toilet didn't have a brain that forgot things and hands that always fumbled and I did. So it's easier to assign blame.
Gare wakes up and checks his phone, email inbox, and kitchen. Messages await.

Inbox: seven social media (spam) messages, three from work, one from Mom...later. Later.
Julia tried really hard to get me into Christian music. Not that she didn't like pop radio stuff too. I brought my Britney Spears CD to her house once. Her mom caught us listening to it and broke it half saying that it was advocating abusive relationships.
Hell. Don't(more)
Contact experiments proved that the bacteria in Lisette's stomach had no interest in food, if microbes can be said to have interests//if those interests are subject to the same influxes of ecstasy and melancholy, that warp one's willingness to engage in what is clinically defined as "interests," to which(more)
The raw smell of an avocado and how it resembles breathing into another mouth except more green and squishy
The birds' songs warped in the presence of an active car alarm.
Yuri likes to joke that I have two boyfriends, Yuri awake and Yuri asleep. This is in reference to Yuri's bizarrely high functionality while he is in fact sleeping. We have had many a fine nocturnal exchange that he cannot remember upon waking. I have started not to mention(more)
1. We had to explain everything we meant. So international relations crumbled. Court trials, pop music concerts, and business meetings dragged on for years. Small, neighborly kinds of talk became labyrinthine pits of despair and woe.
2. We would only talk when we needed something to keep our bodies(more)
Falling in love is like coming back to life. You respond to something in a way you weren't expecting, and then you start experiencing everything the way that this foreign presence does. This is what it's like to melt, you say. This is what it's like to light on(more)
The water cup with the cartoon bubbles, I fill it up all the way because I'm worried I'll forget to fill it later. And I marvel at how amazing it is that Ish has lived this long, without a proper place to shit and eat and lie down in(more)
I believe in reincarnation because I need to believe in the possibility of having my cake and eating it, too
"Maybe it's me but it's the worst fate I can imagine."
"Being put in a nursing home?"
"I feel humiliated just thinking about it."
"I feel like they deserve it, though."
"That's fucked up." (more)
If I were holding the reins to this pony show, you wouldn't have to die. Hell. For all I know if you were holding em you'd be killing me instead. Business is funny that way. Nice family moves into a nice apartment, no idea what's beating under their floorboards.(more)