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Photo on 2010-11-26 at 00
You stand there looking mightily perky,
just you and your super beef jerky.
You are so saucy,
I would love to take you for coffee.
And your wavy russet red hair just makes me crazy!
Maybe on our first date I will give you a daisy . . (more)
Start to finish
it's never over.
Life runs in cycles
for better or for worse.
I subject myself to trying and doing new.
Sometime that means (more)

Her face is so beautiful,
I can see how you are suitable.
But when she makes that look,
It seems like she is a closed book.
Not open to any possibilities, (more)

It might seem useless to ask,
like an insurmountable task.  
My want is for you to attend
an event that might mend
our history. (more)

The crawl space
is the metaphorical nesting place
I go to for my own embrace.
To think and feel
and perhaps try to erase (more)

The words in my head were, “Gawd not now…. “
I have the love of my life in front of me and shit, … “ I might have to take a bow.”

I saw her smirking while I fumbled around (more)
You say that you are going up there and never coming back
To stay in isolation forever with your things all packed.
I wondered why so harsh
I would rather live in a marsh. (more)
Look inward,
Find the high mountain road.
This is the road that takes me to a higher sense of self.

I feel so much traveling this road; pity, angst, anguish, joy, thoughtfulness, loathing, fear, anger, sadness, happiness, peace, tolerance, acceptance and compassion.

I stumble and fall
Something viral takes over when emotions are tense,
shooting through my body like a main line of morphine.

I can feel weak or strong, joyful or angry.  
The polarities are in battle to find balance.

Unregulated emotions can cause infected spirits.  
tense emotions can infl(more)
An imagination
takes me on a wild ride
Pretending I am flying down slippery slopes
in precarious positions
engaging sexy sirens and battling brutish beasts
It was a requirement,
us standing there
in front of an audience we stare.

The rosy light blanketed the stage
our bare bodies unclothed and exposed (more)
Sometimes I feel emotionally frozen, thick or action-less.  Is there an escape from this stone-like state?  For me being petrified is already a reaction from another historically triggering emotional association.  It's like being in a house of mirrors.

The projection is my mother, my(more)
It was a cloudy day and the misty rain was hanging around with no better place to be.  Fog was drifting slowly across the fields. We sat on the saturated bench looking out onto the acres of freshly cut grass.  The smell was oceanlike.
He was dressed to the nines.  Multicolored saddle shoes, a pin striped vest with a brilliant white shirt underneath, his clean pressed pants fit around his hips and hugged his bottom nicely.  Super cute boyish face.  He looked simply scrumptious.  

Then I noticed something a(more)
As they were crumpled in a pile on the floor she said, "I'm looking for something."  
"What are you looking for?" her lover asked curiously.

"I'll let you know when I find it." she said in a whispering voice.
"Can I help you search?"