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Photo on 2010-11-26 at 00

I don’t understand
he brings home these women
girlfriend in hand
under her nose (more)

Walls of defense
keeping out the offense;
dense suspicions of love, kindness and tenderness.
Tense, the situation graduates to having no common sense.

No need to hobble the experience but
I must place defense against you.
There will be no time to commence in suspense
as we ar(more)
The holy roller con man,
full of religious fervor and fraudulent ways.
It's hard to believe that the masses can indulge
such a ridiculous haze.

These Jim’s and Tammy’s will never divulge (more)

Frosting was smeared across the kitchen table
Yellow crumbs were strewn on the floor and counter
Cream flowers were poked at like piñatas
The lady wedding ornaments were upside down and smashed into the middle of what was now a mass
of pastry pieces.

As much as h(more)

There is no chance for you
not even a glance.
Until the imagined enhancements are financed
there is only a slim prospect to advance
in the field of folk dance. (more)

Free me
Or take me.
no connection.
We are all parts (more)
He was the Vince Vaughn type, cute, smart, witty, seemingly sensitive, to die for.  We met in the hallway of the country club. He asked if he knew me from somewhere.  We didn’t know each other from anywhere, uh, I don’t think.  Was he hitting on me?  Was he one of my conquests(more)

In grace I take my
seating place.

To resign position
accepting that condition. (more)

Unpredictable is a term that comes up when I think of fickle.
Sometimes I don’t want to be seen
Sometimes I do
Sometimes I want to be heard (more)
What is it that you are trying to kill?
You might hurt yourself with no skill,
swinging a sword is slightly different than
chopping dill.

Maybe a Stihl could be more pragmatic. (more)

I am sorry that I remind you of everything you hate about yourself.

Feel free to project that onto me.  
I’m sure it makes it easier to live with yourself, (more)

What’s that in the pool?
Could it be….?
Oh my gosh, I don’t think it’s pee.
It looks like a mess of stool.
Who’s the motley fool?

On a bike
with a basket full of Pike.
I’m hardly able to see over the top
to say hi to my friend Mike.

I have come back from being in the field
hoping to have found you relatively healed.
Able to pleasantly speak to me
while having a cup of coffee. (more)
Illusions of what could be
with you and me.
All the wonderful designs, intentions and ideas
wrapped like juicy tortillas.
Now, I could only hope
to slip in the shower with soap on a rope. (more)