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I grew up in Minneapolis, and Cossetta's (in St. Paul) was the best pizza ever. There was also a deep-dish Chicago style place we'd go to when we visited friends and family in Chicago that was amazing. Cossetta's is still there, about ten times as big as it was(more)
I don't have a bathrobe right now. The last one I had, I got when I went away to college, and I had it for years. Maybe fifteen years? It was from Marshall's. It was sort of maroon, with vertical stripes in all sorts of bright colors. Terry-cloth. It(more)
Stamp your foot all you want, little girl. That won't make me change my mind, you know that. Stamping your foot has never been the way to make me change my mind. You know that once I've made up my mind, it's very hard to get me to change(more)
What's that Throwing Muses song called? "It's Not Too Soon." Not to be confused with the fabulous and often covered Tom Jones song, "It's Not Unusual." Which wasn't covered by the Throwing Muses, but was covered by Tanya Donelly, founding member of the Muses, later, by her band Belly.(more)
Your fragrant is my stink. Those fucking candles? Apple pie, cinnamon stick, patchouli. Maybe I could appreciate it more if you just doused yourself in apple pie, coated yourself with cinnamon sticks-or yeah, even patchouli. Part-though certainly not all-of what I hate is the fakeness of the smell. Give(more)
I hate anything to do with chicken, and anything to do with noodles. We had chickens when I was a kid. I lived with my great-aunt Josie, and she was that kind of hippie. Pre-hippie, really. I mean, there were hippies back in her day, but they weren't on(more)
Honestly, I didn't like his suggestion at all. I found it creepy and frankly kind of offensive. I mean, it wasn't like he knew me well enough to be suggesting that kind of stuff--and I can't imagine that Petra told him it would've been okay, she didn't know anything(more)
She looked for it for years and years, knowing it had to be somewhere in the apartment. She thought--too often--about how she couldn't really move out without it. Obviously, it wasn't something she desperately needed--she hadn't even seen it since, oh, probably since 2003? But it was hers, it(more)
Your ancestors were poor peasants. Farmers, mostly. Some shepherd somewhere in there, in the wealthier parts of your ancestry. And yeah, there were some American Indians, but no Indian Princesses or even warriors, chiefs or otherwise. Just some American Indians, doing essentially what your other ancestors were doing, just(more)
It's not always a rainy day. Not even all winter. There are a lot of days of sun, and a lot of gray days when the rain stays off. You, or I, or the both of us, forget to take notice of these days--not exactly dwelling on the rain,(more)
I always have my nails painted. It's an important part of my identity, really. They shift colors and that's also an important part of my identity. When I was younger, sometimes they'd all match, but not often. I've been coloring my nails consistently with something--nail polish, permanent marker, crayon,(more)
I sat down at the cafe table as usual, and it wasn't until I tried to get up and leave that I realized I'd sat on a wad of gum. Right in the crack of my butt. Mushed into my pants. Beyond hope. I couldn't even really pull it(more)
"Do you need a receipt for that?"

I always take a receipt. Even if it just sits in my wallet for ages, then gets recycled. Depends on what it's for, anyway. Some of them I save for taxes: books, medical stuff. I deduct books, even though I'm not(more)
I didn't have any friends in high school, so I built a robot. I didn't have any friends before high school either, really--not since Amelia Ferris moved to Pittsburgh in the middle of fourth grade. And I was never sure if she was only friends with me because she(more)
I think there are a lot of people out there who have one too many kids. Even more people who have two or more too many kids. I love children. But there are a lot of them out there already. And like this lady here? She's holding a baby,(more)