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Invis 0007
After the bombs went off, spewing gas instead of fire, sickness instead of death, there had been walls around the city. The city had a name, a name used by bureaucrats in official-looking government documents, but nobody used that name anymore. It was just the Waiting Room, now. People(more)
Things had been rough for Frankenstein's Monster, ever since his Bride had decided she wasn't really in love with him anymore. Frankenstein had assured him that there was a beating heart in her chest cavity, although apparently anything involving her glands, blood, or brain was entirely up in the(more)
It was game night when The Emergence occurred. In between our sips of cheap wine and PBR those clawed things had broken through the surface of the earth, from whatever nightmarish hollow chambers they lived in, they erupted into our lives in the midst of a misguided game of(more)
The issue with necromancy was all the dirt. Eldon had been alive for two hundred years now, and wasn't as spry as he used to be. Besides, he had been an aristocrat, back in his day. Upper crust! To shovel all night, to get dirt under his nails was(more)
Nurse Elyse had worked with the Red Cross long enough to know the truth. She prepared a new needle as a donor sat down at the small table inside their mobile blood bus, the latest measure they had been forced to stoop to in order to obtain donations. That(more)
Rwan stumbled out of his cryochamber, tired, eyes crusted shut, as he had for every morning for fifteen years. He reached for the pot of coffee the ship's AI was programmed to brew for him every morning, only to find it empty. At first he thought he was asleep,(more)
All Charlotte could hear on the other side of the call were screams. A few minutes ago, while they were flirting and building up to the phone sex, Jackson had joked that it sounded like someone was in the house, maybe they were going to have a phone threesome.(more)
Maurice had just finished rolling a joint when the front door of his apartment was kicked down. He instinctively grabbed his gun and pointed it at the door, recognizing the faces at the end of the barrel.

"Yo, guys. What the hell did you kick down my doo(more)
The cell door opened, and a man shuffled in. His head was freshly shaved, and his orange jumpsuit smelled not quite nice, but nicer than everything else in the prison. Given long enough, it would pick up the stench. The other man in the cell turned his head to(more)
Press release from President of Bunker:

Citizens of Bunker, as I'm sure many of you know, ours is a peaceful subterranean settlement. Much more peaceful than other settlements, we assume, although we will never know, because we have never verified that any others still exist.  

This peac(more)
Dear diary. I'm writing this down here because I can't talk, obviously, after last Thursday when those raiders cut out my tongue. I've been able to eat by mashing my rations up with my hands and swallowing the paste, which draws a lot of looks from the camp elders,(more)
Okay, okay, don't panic. You're a trained assassin for God's sake. You're just a trained assassin who is hiding between one guy and a wall at an extremely well lit dance. Seriously, who designed this light set up? Is this a dance or an interrogation room? Like the one(more)
The plane was supposed to make it to LA to witness the premiere of the greatest art house film ever created. Instead, it crashed somewhere over the Rockies. The fire was put out immediately by the thick winter snow, but the crash had done its damage. All but two(more)
It was supposed to be a normal morning commute across the river. But then the ghost ship appeared, and the water taxi's passengers all texted their bosses and secretaries to say that they'd most likely be late, if they got in at all.
Hung upside down, neck and wrists slashed open, Jeremiah bled into a red bucket, the color of the blood and the bucket melding together seamlessly. The stranger who had done this to him stood in front of him, his motives as upside down as he appeared to be. (more)