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'A winter with the wolves' they called it.  Very few ever survived it, and those that did came out deranged.  It was the hardest test a recruit could put themselves through, one that many saw as unnecessary and obsolete.  The people needed warriors, not dead children.  

But (more)
Trungpa lifted his shaved head from the sand mandala.  He wanted to watch through the monastery window as the boys played outside.  Another fine crop of young ones, he thought.  But Trungpa thought this about every new batch of students that came to the temple.  Perhaps my mind is go(more)
We first got the idea for the Society for the Rehabilitation of Injured Snails and Millipedes when my wife stepped on one while hiking.  "Oh no!" she squealed as the round exoskeleton popped underneath her foot.  She stood frozen, her face stricken with horror and her shoulder blades pinched together, h(more)
Devon was scared. He had agreed to come on this trip because he thought he could get a lot of weed, for not a lot of money. He hadn't thought he would be sitting down in the thugged out living room of the fucking LA Kings. But he played(more)
Take the future by the hand before it grabs you by the throat. You can't fight the clock, every effort against a second is a wasted one. Even if you live 10 years longer that time is empty and hollow because you fought in vain only to achieve an(more)
Its not my turn to care about you
You trapped in the cage
You lusting for freedom
Like Rilke's panther
Blinded by the bars
You with the blue eyes (more)
The wind blows
it bends the grass like peasants in the field
I turn my face
valleys carved in the mountains of my gooseflesh
A golden leaf
bounds down the path to meet an old friend (more)
"I need you to help me locate a missing person."  Bill Crimsley, a balding man in a cheap suit slapped a photo down on the desk of Walter P. Trotter, Private Investigator.  After several tense moments of silence Walter P. asked,
Name your own price Fish and Chips day was just about the stupidest idea I ever heard.  

There are so many good things in this world that we never see.  Life has become a long snapper in the NFL, it's existence is only aknowledged when things go terribly wrong.  We constantly think about the things we need, the things we want, rather than what we have that we'd(more)
It was late.  My paper was due the next morning and I was staring at a blank screen.  I was half asleep and half drunk.  

It was dark in my small bedroom.  The silence was heavy.  

Just then my computer began to whir softly.  I let out a long bre(more)
Art is that tiny grain of a soul we all have left somehwere that spits in the eye of scientists.  Art is knowing there are two sides to every story and toeing the fine line between them.  Art is saying it all without saying anything.    
When I was 10 my mother asked me if I could open a jar for her.  I was nervous, I had never questioned her superior strength before but here she was, bested by a jar of pickles.  I gently rapped the rim against the edge of the marble counter top.  I twisted(more)
My grandmother was named Grace.  But we all knew her as Mum Mum.  It never occured to me that she was my grandma, I had (and still do have) one of those too.  Something about the sagging cheeks, the paper skin, the ponderous humming, the way she governed our family with benevolence(more)
Last night, I had the American Dream, and I woke up this morning to chase it.  There was no happiness, no friendship, no good times or personal goals to greet me.  Just the emptiness of my own mind and the subconscious urge to drive forward, endlessly wanting more and more and(more)