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We sit naked in the meadow, my desire and I, aching to touch everything under the sky. She spreads across my skin like honey and transmutes sunlight to dessert.  

“It has been a while since we sat together.”  

“I know,” she murmurs. “I’ve missed you.”

"Tell me something I won't understand," you said.

What to choose from? I knew a lot of things that you didn't: I knew about physics and biochemistry and the problems with our political system. Your knowledge revolved around the film industry, dirk biking, and sales.

I look(more)
She awoke to a world of sepia.

Everything unfolded at the pace of a slow motion film. The cheetah poised in mid-air, the gazelle wide-eyed without a hoof on the ground. Unfinished. Inevitable.

Everything breathed deeply. She breathed along with it.

And why not? It (more)
The specter of some darling child was always blocking the bridge between our futures. Evident now, but the moment itself is rarely clear.

No: the moment itself was many other things. The fog of your dark cologne creeping over my brain every evening; our laughter ringing as (more)
"I've never been broken up with," I confessed to my Guinness.  The stout gathered its foam thickly below the lip of the pint glass, froth crawling along like the line at a bank with no television.

The bartender indulged me. "So you're a big heartbreaker, huh?"

I swirl(more)
When Anton was born, someone turned up the volume of the world to eleven. He spent his life trying to get it turned down again.

His methods were benign at first: Anton was an orderly child. Toys on the floor felt too loud to him. He put them(more)
Struggling for freedom through a maze of animate razor-toothed vines and little red poppies that screamed hideously and burst into flames when stepped on wasn’t exactly what Miren had in mind when she’d sighed at her desk on Friday and said she was ready for something new.

Lies untold hung ever in the air between them.

"I thought you'd be home earlier tonight," she might say casually after they settled in to eat honey-baked chicken, facing one another from either side of a bottle of wine.

I worked late. I just worked late. St(more)
To sanctify something is to set it apart or to declare it holy, as God did his chosen people. It comes from the Latin word "sanctus," meaning holy, and the suffix "--ify", meaning "to cause an increase in the stated quality". As in "simplify" or "beautify" or "zombify". (more)
Outside normal society, I'm not a person. I invite him to view me as a collection of body parts.

"Now that's an ass!",
"Nice legs, very muscular," and
"Honey, don't you /ever/ get a boob job, they're just perfect,"--
declarations with repellant qualities by the light of (more)
In the kingdom of the heart, we are all of us fools. To fall in love is one thing; it happens all the time. But to think that we could swim in the dopamine river forever because we'd had a couple of shitty relationships before and at the wizened(more)
When this notion of what should be came to live here, I don't know. Perhaps that doesn't matter. It's here, pushing its roots to reach farther every day. It will sap the life from my soil and conquer my space, the growth insidious. All you'll see at face value(more)
"Just coffee, please," I said to the woman behind the counter. She had frizzy black hair and the air of untouchable boredom I thought fast food joints must hand out with the employment contract. She also looked like no one had ever asked her for just coffee before. (more)
Yellow light tumbling from green redwood leaves, illuminating a mess of forest litter in the yard;

Yellow light bouncing around a candle, playing with gray shadows on the wall;