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Young'n, I won't leave you.
You silly little thing,
Do you think I'll disappear now?
After all this time?
I haven't left you once; what makes you so sure I will now?

Little one, I don't think you need to worry about that.
I know it's easier sai(more)
The heart is ever still
Yet it moves.
It flits and flits and then it sits;
Wherever your heart can stay.

Inside my chest is an erupting volcano (more)
How I'd love to sit
Inside your imagination
And watch the little butterflies
Go floating along
On wings of sound.
I've been listening to the silent music in your eyes, and it is overwhelming. That smile--that gorgeous smile--takes up your whole face, and the music builds and builds and carries me up on eagle wings. And then it dissipates, and I can see the calm strength behind what you(more)
I will lift my eyes
To the heavens
And raise my fist in victory
Because as many times as
You've tried to knock me down,
I keep getting back up. (more)
Zero is where I started.
Zero is where the world looks darkest,
But when you see it through
Your candy-colored microscope,
You begin to see that (more)
I've been
In my own head
For far too long,
And I'm stuck.
I'm stuck inside the boundaries
That I set for myself long ago, (more)
Whatever comes to mind.
Will you defend yourself, your choices?

Or will you blank?
It's always darkest before the dawn,
So I understand why I can't see anything.
Because the dawn is coming,
My friends,
And through the crack of lightning
That pierces the sky the same way (more)
A bird may love a fish, signore,
But where would they live?
I always felt sorry for that fish.
That poor, poor fish,
I'm sure he felt helpless.
Trust me. Or don't. Whatever works.

Whatever makes you happy,
Whatever makes you feel better about
Your little existence,
Whatever makes you feel higher on the totem pole of life
Than some little picnic ant, far away in a shrubbery.

Take a trip with me down the back alley of my mind,
And you will find that somewhere,
Deep inside,
Sealed up like a thank-you card written
Far too hastily,
I loved you. But it (more)
Will you stay here?
Will you walk beside me,
And match me step for step,
On this, my walk to the gallows,
And when the rope snaps and my feet dance life away,
Will you still love me? (more)
I watch that smile,
And I melt,
A little puddle on the floor
With eyes
Peering out at you,
Because who am I kidding, (more)
A window stares
Right out through me
And I can see the stars
Peeking shyly from behind their clouds,
As nervous cast members peek out from behind a curtain.