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"One more block!"  He shouted.  The pitch was perfect to exact the right amount of pain in his head.  It had surgical precision .  It was able to find the exact nerve ending, and jab.
He closed his eyes and seemed to stop breathing.  I let my eyes scan his face.  He was such a beautiful man.  He was such a beautiful looking man.  It was difficult to describe him without slipping into dumb cliches.  'He was carved from marble', 'His jaw looked like it cou(more)
"I saw a listing."

Mary dropped her phone as she took her coat off the chair, then dropped her bag as she put the coat on, while dropping her phone again.
"Just go ask her."  Ted nudged Mark in the direction they were both looking.

"No.  Not yet."  Mark said turning back to Ted and taking another gulp of courage.
You still have my heart.  

I took everything away.  I moved out.  I loaded my car with my books, cd's, and clothes and I brought them to my new life.  But I never took my heart.  I know you don't want it.  I know you believe I am not the right man for(more)
"So where do you want to go tonight?"  Sam scanned the bus time table.  
"I don't mind.  Somewhere quiet."  Bob watched cars pass.  
"Quiet?  It's Friday night, we have to find a place with wall to wall women Bob!"  
Bob's smile was his be(more)
"See it as private property then!"  her voice moved up in pitch.  It was unclear if his lack of understanding was intentional or not.

"Are you serious?"  
"Like this?"  I took a deep breath and repeated the moves exactly as shown.

"No! Watch."  

The tone grated on me as much at the words did.  I told them I wasn't much of a dancer during the audition.  They said it wasn't going to be a problem.
"Where did you leave them?"  John shouted from the top of the stairs.

"On the bedside table!"  Carol's pitch and tone said a lot more that the words.
It's easy to see now that they were all only fantasies.  My hopes and my dreams were ever present but ever changing.  I was like a sylph, flitting between what was going to make me rich, make me famous, or just make me happy.
"Don't call me kitten,  I'm not your kitten, I'm not your pet."  She had to take a deep breath to allow herself time unclench her jaw.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offense."  Mark fumbled with his watch, opening and closing the clasp, making a snapping noise.  

We took the three cheeseburgers from the fridge and left it at that.  We weren't sure but in the end we just had a laugh and painted our faces blue and were only being kids for the day but then Barry came back and gave out to us so we(more)
I had prepared myself for the worst.  I mean, there were so many possible variables of doom flying around that to pick any one of them would be enough to make a grown man cry.  I was a grown man and right now I wanted to cry.  
"I hate blueberries."

"Why? It's just a fruit."

"Well for starters they're not blue they're purple."
Why would someone send him a letter?  And why would someone just leave it on his desk?  No stamp so it must have been hand delivered, so it more than likely was from someone at work.  

He held the envelope for a while before opening it.  He examined the handwriting t(more)