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The way she saw it, as she stood, hung over in front of the book cart, blearily eyeing titles to be shelved in her least favorite section of the store, there were two kinds of people in the world. There were people who thought Art was something real and(more)
Once upon a time, in a rather small town in germany, there was a young woman and an even younger boy who really got along pretty well. They spent days together, just hanging out, talking and having really interesting conversations. Or they watched documentaries on TV. They went out(more)
It's really true what they tell you in school about learning a foreign language. The textbook isn't enough. It can teach you grammar rules and syntactical structures, if you have a mind for logical systems. It can teach you some decent vocabulary, if your memory is good. But it(more)
Look at that.

A self-contained, portable, porceline chamber. It fits neatly into the palm of my hand, and when I squeeze it, it resists. I can't break it without introducing another force. It's a perfect design object.

An obelisk in white, it invites interpretation and graphic intervention.(more)
It's been so long since I've done any writing. Terrible.

I'm on deadline. I'm on deadline, and I'm way behind.
I awake, groggy, to the sound of heavy artillery. My head a pounding mass of swollen, heavy, cotton-stuffed pain. Blood drips into my eyes. I fumble for my gun. Gone. I try to look around the crumbling brick structure, get my bearings. I can't see shit. I try to(more)
It had been a long time coming. I had graduated from college seven years before, had watched all my friends travel to exotic countries and move to major cities, but I had stayed behind. Until now. There was only one reason to go, and so many to stay. I(more)
"I'm sure you'll find something soon."

Pause. I noticed the vaguely see-through circles under his armpits. Awww. He was nervous. I decided to throw him a passive-aggressive bone. "Oh, you think so? That's comforting."

He shifted in his chair. The sound of his pants rubbing against the(more)
Shrugging and wriggling out of our clothes, leaving them in crumpled piles on the ground, stuck on branches of bushes.

Shy. Moonlight on bare bodies. Trying not to stare.  Giggling through the embarrassment.

Racing into the water, hoping to raise splashes high enough to cover our immodesty. (more)
So, was this it? Was this, in fact, the most boring night of my life? Was I going to literally die of boredom? It didn't seem out of the realm of possibility. I was so tempted to start weeping and cause a scene. Anything for some momentary entertainment. (more)
It's funny how you can forget about people from your past, not even think of them for years, and then someone says something, and BAM. There they are, resurrected, returned like a neurosis you thought you had shaken. And they stand there, gazing back at your mind's eye, utterly(more)
How is it possible that, after centuries of domestication and generations of living in the plush comfort of human homes, dogs and cats still feel the gut-clenching terror that comes as a result of a swift and unforeseen change in surroundings? A thunder storm, an intruder, or a tremble(more)
I gulped air, still not convinced either way that this might have been a terrible idea. On the one hand, it was dirt cheap. On the other, I was in hour 15 of a 28-hour train ride from Chicago to New York, and I was ready to commit homicide.(more)
I caught the bartender's eye and nodded slightly as I walked past and slid into my usual two-person mini-booth just around the corner from the long, oak bar. It was Jake tonight. Good. He always poured me the Laphroiag 18 year and only charged me for the ten year.(more)
I didn't always look this way. I used to be beautiful. Everyone always said I was stunningly, transcendently beautiful, more beautiful than anything or anyone else they had ever laid eyes on, which was saying something where I come from. But it didn't last.