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Barney burst into the living room, "I'm coming in for some Bam Bam!" His hollering was seemed to lay upon the carpet like static, crackling up and through everyone's feet as they turned to face this large man in strange and frumpy clothing, his wide frame seemingly translated from(more)
Bernie was unimpressed, "damn Dan, that's some tough toast." He flipped the ebony squares around on the waterstained plate.

Dan was squatting before the griddle, tentatively ducking as though to go underneath it like it was a car or truck. He would stop midway down his descent, and(more)
The voice was first heard as the dusk deepened over the small city. It was a clear voice, deep but not necessarily masculine, loud and with no obvious source. For all its clarity it was not the roar of a low-flying jet, but instead compressed enough that most people(more)
Ralph threw another lit cigarette out the window. The smoke spun ten stories downwards before the ember at its tip became indistinguishable from the orange sea of the streetlighted pavement. The music inside persisted as jam band bullshit and he was growing bored.
"This is a really simple direction," said Max from behind the wall of his hands, cupped around his flawlessly tanned face. "It's the second turn from Connecticut Ave. You keep overshooting it. Jesus, Dirk."

Dirk was engrossed in changing lanes, the waning rush hour traffic still hectic enough(more)
I'll always remember my first loss: the kitten who belonged to my brother. Leukemia claimed him after one year. He languished on windowsills and makeshift beds on bookshelves, bald spots appearing across his body. His sister, the kitten who belonged to me, confused when he did not want to(more)