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"Did you bring everything?" Urgency and fear squeezed at her throat, making the words barely audible.

He nodded.

  The woman sighed with relief, the tension easing out of her weathered-down face. Her brows were no longer furrowed but her face was still as pale as paper.(more)
"I am the beginning of everything; a gift shared among all." She began, the pride as evident in her tone as the steely glint in her eyes. They were a mellow green now. An emerald with its edges chipped gently to form the curves of a smooth stone. Fresh(more)
The mist traced its cool fingers against her skin. Ahead of her, giant figures loomed, their orange foliages stark.  The color was now seared into her mind, and her eyes ached slightly.  

Impatiently, she brushed a stray strand of hair away from her eyes and hesitantly took a step(more)
"Hello Mabel. How are you feeling today?" The woman's voice was light and resonant, a breath of fresh air.    

I stared at her. There was something vaguely familiar about her but my mind just could not connect and make sense of that familiarity. Each try left me increasingly(more)