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i have two of them. they are still small but bigger now. its like a catch of the breath. things are almost equalized. we have been emerging from baby/toddler/preschooler together and there haven't been diapers in a long while and dinner plates are cleared by someone else now.  it was(more)
what are they really thinking as they smile and bounce and shout to bring our team to win? do they mean it?

50/50, maybe.
same shit different day (more)
i remember when the inhale was pure. ("well i smoked but i didn't inhale,"  he said long after you and i were through) back when it wasn't so bad for you. back in the 90's the inhale was so pure all the cells of my body would absorb the nicotine,(more)
she came up for air at the deep end of the pool, hearing the laughter more and more clearly as she rose. at the same time her head crashed through the surface the voices crystallized and she knew right away he had arrived.
i am gone now
but not lost

reinvented so skinny, all you bitches are  Jealous.
so skinny, i'm just air, man. (more)
i took him by his small hand and led him to the empty row of chairs waiting for us. he was six or seven and not too dirty -- a little around the fingernails maybe, and his nose could have used a tissue. his jaw was set but his(more)
its heartbreaking to think about your child growing up. its all such a perfect world, sheltered and innocent here on the edge of childhood being at the beginning of it, before it has really started, before things get good or bad, before he turns the corner into his kindergarten(more)
he leaned forward, listening hard for actual words to materialize in his ears. between the walls of the old apartment building and the blaring televisions it was nearly impossible to discern her hope from the rest of the garbage, but he could. or he pretended he could. it was(more)
i cant believe it even now.
it defies logic on all levels,
save one.

i knew i could. i knew i could. i knew i  could.

it was the tiny voice
that dared me prove it wrong
it sang to me, mocked me in my face.
i hate(more)
next time. lip trembles, toe
digs the ground, brave front. blue eyes
fight tears. i promise.
dress up,
whether halloween or my sisters wedding
its all close to the bone.
one is me manifest, the other my sis,
and no one is right or wrong, just proving ourselves
i am back together.

his impulsiveness gives way to your precision every time -  it makes sense now. and yet i am not ready to commit.
The 11 o'clock sun shone down as they waited for chiliquiles. John, Mark and Caroline sipped bloody marys. Relaxed and happy, in tousled hair and sunglasses, everyone chatted about the the day, last night; the trip in general.  
They were 4 days into a 7 day vacation. Playa de(more)
laughter, passion, love
sunsets, good friends, constancy
you, one thing missing
Dear Brother (or Everyman),
I was sorry to hear about the divorce. I know that it was years ago, and a long time coming, but breaking up a family, especially one with little kids, has lasting repercussions; ripples of sadness and loss for everyone  involved. I can't imagine everyother Christma(more)