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I put the record in
Plugged my headphones
Set the volume to full
I lay my head back to my pillow
Rested my body on the unkempt sheets
Listening in silence (more)
Where I'm from

the sun sets in the west
and rises in the east;
dark clouds form
when it is about to rain; (more)
You, who have known
and have breathe the same air,
already have an idea of how the
brain ticks.

who have shared arms (more)
I didn't flinch.

I felt a pull at my right arm. The hands tightened, tense probably because of my lack of response.

We were locked in that position for quite sometime. And throughout that time, thoughts raced in my head -  the 15 years spent with each other'(more)
No qualms
No worries
No conditions
No demands

The sound of your breath (more)
Feeling my mobile phone vibrate in my pocket sends me a jolt as if a current ran through my limbs.

I took a quick look, glancing the name of the caller. I still hesitate to answer his calls as if it was the first time I would be(more)
I've lost sight of who I was running away from. Panting, I rested my arm on a lamppost. I knelt down and places both palms on the floor, trying to catch my breath.

"Why was I running?" My eyes went black. (more)
Too caught in the web of reality
Too distraught by the threats of uncertainty

I lie awake on my bed
Hoping that everything
is not what it really seems to be (more)
I descend.

Watching the expanse of
hundred stories
run by my side;
When was the last time? I could no longer recall. I am starting to believe that I have turned asexual due to the extremely high standards I set for the person I will fancy. Tall, good looking, highly talented, artistically inclined, musically inclined, above average IQ - the list(more)
we will always love each other.

we will share our dreams forever.
I could not explain how it felt.

Was it because I failed?
Was it because I could never
amount to what they are
now? (more)
I cannot imagine their sympathy.

All I can see is
the possibility
of them
I cannot imagine their sympathy.

All I can see is
the possibility
of them
"Is that the best you got? A good-for-nothing-bungling-bimbo whose only tolerant friend is a bottle of tequila?"

Her eyes brimmed with tears. Her fist clenched so tightly that her crimson painted nails seem to bore through her skin. . She was mad, no, furious. More importantly, she was(more)