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Standing in his minimalist office at the top of the world's tallest skyscraper, Bill Gates looked down at the rest of humanity through a behemoth clear glass window. He took out his phone and looked up Warren Buffet's number on it.
"This will never work Shamu," Himanshi told her husband, holding their adolescent boy close. "Unless you have a virgin girl hiding around that we can offer to the volcano god, this is the best we can do," Shamu whispered to her. He was a middle aged farmer who drank(more)
"She really dudn't like her bread buttered, does she?" Rajan said. I took out my R2D2 print handkerchief and used it to dab sweat off of my forehead.

"Yes, I don't think she likes flattery, she doesn't seem-" Rajan snatched the handkerchief from my hand and blew hi(more)
"You're the first person who has ever called me unscrupulous. I've been called bitch a lot, cunt a bunch of times and there was this one time somebody called me mommy, but that was during sex. Unscrupulous though. Hmm. Honestly, I don't even know what it means. What does(more)
"We've been really old friends. Unfortunately I must put it to rest," Nelson told me. "What happened? Did you get into an accident?"  I asked him. "I've been driving this van for 50 years, and the only time it was in an accident was when I wasn't driving. Back in(more)
She ran as quickly as she could to the rain shelter and uncovered her head. Her hands were dripping wet. She shook them hard, spraying water droplets in all directions and sat down on the old wooden bench. Outside the shelter, a thick, unending curtain of water kept flowing(more)

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Patients. We need more patients."
"Cool! Dad, what's that?" 13 year oldTye asked, staring out of the living room window, pointing at the sky.  

"Coming," Thom chewed his breakfast in hurry.
Walt woke up next to the woman he was flirting with the previous night. He got up from the bed, his mind still half-asleep, still foggy. By the time he had walked up to the bathroom mirror and splashed water on his face, his brain had awoken completely. And(more)
I'm called to the witness room like always. Usually, it takes about forty minutes or so before anyone shows up. Today,  someone was already sitting in the room before I got there. Except for an overhanging lamp, two chairs and a table lying between them, the room is completely empty.(more)
Sam slept silently, clutching his Tunnel Rat GI Joe. His parents, John and Seema sat in the same room, with a bottle of scotch.

Outside, Lloyd, the 12 year old assassin, climbed their house's fence with his middle-aged mother, Joan. They both landed on their feet together. Lloyd(more)
The sun has been blocked out by thousands of enemy fighter planes. I look out of the window and see skyscrapers around my apartment building buried in the shadows of a thousand B-52 bombers. The streets would be panicking right now if there were enough people left to cause(more)
"The pencil was made of inversible goo, mom!" Misty said. She had been having these weird dreams for three straight days. They didn't make much sense, but did make for some interesting breakfast table talks with her mother.
Merrick rang the bell with his left hand that day, because he felt the need to experiment.

May opened the door and greeted him with a yawn. Merrick held up the milk bottle and grinned like an idiot, just the way she liked.

She smiled weakly an(more)
"How dark is it?" Rainn spoke into the mic embedded in his spacesuit helmet, standing near the mouth of the hellhole.    

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say it's about 15,000." Wingert replied, suspended on a harness, slowly descending into the bottomless pit.