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She's shifting from side to side in bed. She's in that presence of limbo between the dull pain of reality and the fantasy of her dreams. She sees a co-worker, what is he doing here? and then her sister --twenty pounds lighter than she was two weeks ago. (more)
Sometimes I feel like I have this insatiable desire to do something creative.
And I don't know if it's creative with my words or with my ideas or with my body, but that last one.
The body one.
That's the one I can rely on the most. (more)
It's kinda funny how I had to look that word up, as it sorta kinda mostly describes how I feel at my present job.

I didn't have sex till 17.
and that was with a steady boyfriend.
and I made him wait, and wait, and wait.

Then there was a bit of a self-induced orgy of sorts.
I went a little crazy, but eventually reigned myself in.
All was steady.

I know I talk about boys alot. And when I talk I mean write, and when I say boys I mean the current crush, whoeve that may be. So here it goes.
Every time I'm at work we chat. Literally.
He's so far away, and I'm stuck here. Al(more)
Could it be the wine?
Could it be the clouds?
Could it be the dangling conversation?

the Simon & Garfunkel in the background.
Before the end of what? I feel like my life is full of little endings. And you know what the worst part is? I'm never prepared for it.

Just think, you always know when something is beginning. You can see the start. But the end? I'm never prepared(more)
Sometimes I think of him.
I wonder, I worry.
Trapped in his mind, it's grim.
And it's all so blurry.

Can I help him be revived? (more)
Lighters, socks, and ball point pens. I know what you're thinking, what do all these seemingly diverse objects have in common? And to that question I'll reply with a second question. How many times have you bought a lighter and lost it? Or put two socks in the washer,(more)
DUDE. I meant to write this for the previous trigger, damage done.

You straightened the hair,
It starts to rain,
all goes curly again. (more)
He had a charming smile.
For me that's how it always starts.
A charming smile, a hint of cockiness and an inkling of flirtatiousness with...
You want me? (more)
Uh. What a terrible thing to think about.
Growing up.

What exactly quantifies someone as "grown" anyway?

A house? (more)
When will it happen?

I'm a clique at times, I know.

Always looking for 'the one'.
Then when I find a potential guy he's either too far away or about to leave for a long time.

So for now I'm always wondering when it'(more)
Down the road I walk each day
Not knowing what I'll find on my way
But I keep walking
I keep walking.

Sometimes it's a sunny day (more)
We thought gettin out would be fun.
So we went to the first party.
Then the second venue.
Then the last place. (more)