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The moment Julia Hastings walked into her boyfriend's bedroom for the first time, her attention was immediately drawn to the stacks of worn out sketchbooks stacked one on top of the other on his desk.

James immediately apologized for having such a messy room (which, to Julia, wa(more)
In competitive swimming, there really was no "running out of time", only gaining time. The longer it takes to finish a race, the higher the time is. The goal is to make the shortest amount of time. The faster a swimmer is in the water, the better.  If you win(more)
Running was the only physical activity Isabella genuinely hated.
She had hated the feeling of her feet slapping the cheap cement of her high school's track. She had hated the sweat that would drip from her forehead and made her back slick. She had hated how, by the en(more)