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The conversations of the day...
That last lasting image you left with me...
I take them to my bed tonight.
Let them cover me.
Envelope my body in sensual warmth.
Let them crawl farther into my mind... my soul... my sexual spirit.
So deep I can taste it... taste(more)
I am just another ball added to your juggling act.
You didn't expect me… but you didn't turn me away.
You just cannot help yourself…can you?
Adding just one more to your vast collection.
Boasting that this one is your favorite…but you said that about the last one…and the(more)
“You thought I was in love with you? You actually thought I was in love with you!”  I burst out laughing and he looked like a complete idiot.  “Donovan, sweetheart, I know we dated for close to six months but I was not anywhere in the vicinity of in love with(more)
My mother lives in a vintage two-story bungalow that her long-time boyfriend, Sam, has been restoring for the past ten or so years.  The place was always under construction, and I was hoping it would get finished before my twin nieces went to college.  They are currently five.  Sam works for a(more)
He said:  "The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you."

She said:  "Congratulations."

He said:  "Huh? For what?" (more)
I wish things could be different.  I really do.  But then again, no I don't. If I really wanted things to be different, they would be.  "You're a guy," she says.  "When you really want something, you'll move heaven and earth to get it…come hell or high-water!"  She's righ(more)
It's funny... I remember this place being a whole lot bigger.  The halls were longer, staircase wider, furniture much larger.  Standing here now...I feel a bit like Alice after taking a nibble of the cake marked "eat me."  I guess it's kind of silly to think a house and everything in it(more)
Are you kidding me? This is the prompt for today? Wow...I'm apparently not meant to escape this.  I suspect it's by design in an effort for me to not dismiss or excuse his behavior or the pain I'm in right now.  I am meant to be reminded at every turn.  Every song(more)
The ebb and flow from project to project is the plight of the Freelance-Entrepreneur.  It's definitely not for the timid, or faint of heart.  Along with your impecable expertise, you need thick skin, patience, organization, and a sense of humor.  

The life of a successful Freelancer i(more)
While pondering this "trigger" and of course trying to be brilliantly prolific in my response, all that kept coming to me were situations that could be considered an uncomfortable silence…

an unanswered text message from a loved one (more)
Seven months of phone conversations and message exchanges equaled what seemed like seven years of correspondence before the day we actually met face-to-face.  Seven weeks of wining, dining, dancing, and deepening our bond through physical touch; long, lingering kisses, and watching the sun rise (and set) wrapped (more)
How long are you going to imprison yourself?  You will never be happy here.  You'll always be hiding and denying your true self.  Hiding and denying your talent and your beauty.  You will always feel like a failure.  Like a disappointment. Unloved. Unappreciated. (more)