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First one,
then the other.
Foot in front of foot, trudging from the depths,
tripping over time,
dodging around invisible pockets of breath,
defying the gravity of form, (more)
"It's all in the wavelength," she paraphrased, staring down at the book. "What our brain perceives as color depends completely on the condition of the phenomena that enters the eye." Her hand ran over the familiar spectral grid, pausing to scratch at a speck of mystery gunk that has(more)
It only took an instant,
though I couldn't tell you which one. What it sounded
or smelled like,
maybe it was the threat of touch, or a promise,
a vibration that eased in undetected (more)
I don’t like what you say. Or at least the thing
I thought you were going to say
because you didn’t like what
I never should have said.

And if you ever wanted (more)
At this exact moment, I’m watching a squat little man jog up the street.  His steps are small, and his shoulders hunched like a stripe-clothed comic con-man shuffling quickly from his keystone stalker.  The only threat to the security of his hiding place behind a light post would be his protruding(more)
“Did you see this shit?!”  Maggie broadcast her disgust to anyone within earshot as she ripped a screaming yellow poster off of the bulletin board in the breezeway.  The newly loosened shingles in the cache of “roommate wanted”s flapped their disapproval as she stormed by.

I wonder what it’s like
to wish things were different,
to have turned so wrong
or be turned so wrong
by someone, (more)
When a species' numbers begin to dwindle, we make lists.  We form organizations and collect currency and throw it with causal abandon.
The organizations organize massive communication and coercion efforts involving lobbyists and multitudes of address labels that gum up household paper shredders nationwide.(more)
I think you owe me something.
It's a small thing, I mean, it's not a no
Soulless? Voiceless? Loveless? Brainless?  Not so much business in loss is Nameless.  It's a burden as manageable as a bottle without a label or a product without a logo.  The contents is still present and can, without extreme effort, be deduced by a modestly motivated consumer - motivation, o(more)