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She picked up her duffle bag full of her worldly possessions and took a shaky step out the door. Her eyes scanned the room for any trance of her. As soon as she saw the coast was clear, she left the house.

She breathed the cold night air,(more)
The air smells of burning incense and a touch of death, but he sits in the square mat trying not to fidget. The voodoo woman stands opposite of him, hands on her voluptuous hips, endless necklaces of carcasses hanging about her neck. Her headdress looks intimidating like her face,(more)
Imagine waking up to the smell of copper, to the stickiness of coagulated blood, and you're in the middle of the room, soaked from head to toe with blood.

Whose blood is it?
A shadow darts from the corner of his eye. Without hesitating he turns and starts running towards it. Sure enough, he sees the dark figure zipping in front of him. It moves so fast that its legs are a blur.

He knows this alleyway like the back of(more)
A cafeteria full of people. Conversations flying over your head about all sorts of things you could find under the sun. The clanging of trays and tinkling of cutlery as people eat. Noise is everywhere. The cafeteria smells of today's special menu: luncheon meat drizzled with mystery sauce. Everyone(more)
I lower my eyes to the ground as I feel people's eyes boring onto my back. I could hear their surprised whispers over what had happened to me. "She used to be so lively..." they said.

They don't know what happened. (more)
Loud clatters in the kitchen. The sound of a clicking alarm. Cade stops in the middle of the stairway, sharpening his hearing. Yes, it's definitely someone in the kitchen. He walks cautiously to it, fully aware he's the only one living in this house.
Today, I see a different side of her. A side of her I never knew. The good happy memories I had of her, tucked at the back of my mind, were all gone. What stands before me is a girl I could not recognize, face hollow and haunted, limbs(more)
Do you see it? The glistening stars above you, twinkling against dark violet skies. Do you feel the breeze running through your fingertips as you walk ever so slowly? You do. You close your eyes and enjoy the sensation. The quiet. The only sound you hear are the footsteps(more)
Some believe the hunter is a myth; a tale that keeps children indoors when the sun set. Some simply call him the hunter, some who fear and worship him call him the Hunter. They regale tales of his incredible aim with his bow and arrow, taking down the majestic(more)
Remember the color crimson. Remember it as you track the woman in the beautiful crimson dress in the crowds, never letting your eyes linger from her. She lifts her hazel eyes at you, smiles flirtatiously with her equally crimson bee-stung lips and sashays her hips till you can't take(more)
Imagine this: a wide open field, red poppies dotting it. The breeze sends the poppies dancing and it cools your skin, even though the night is warm. A man and woman embrace on top of a blue blanket, fingers entwined as they gaze at the stars above. If you'd(more)
She waits by the window, sighing. It is nearly three in the morning, and every night she waits for him as a faithful wife could. Her husband hardly comes home sober, and today she has had enough.

She catches a glimpse of him staggering by their front gate,(more)
"This is it." I whisper to myself as I close my eyes. I feel slightly anxious even though I have been making this journey my whole life. For the first time in my life, I feel happy.

I take a deep breath and slowly open my eyes. (more)
You blink, and you find yourself in an empty room with mirrors for walls. You stare at your reflection, drinking it in. You touch the glass, barely recognizing yourself. Is that me, you whisper to yourself. Why do I look so different?