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       According to the standards of the Stanford-Binet test, Danyon Jobert was a genius. But because of the nature of his whirlwind mind, he often had a difficult time in school.  Teachers just couldn't keep up with him, with his goals often differing wildly from the lesson plan. (more)
By show of hands, we voted and confirmed the fact to ourselves:  no one liked Mike Bolger.  But it wasn't for the usuual reasons kids have.  He wasn't too fat or too skinny.  He didn't have over large ears or wear thick glasses.  His breath didn't stink, nor did he stutter,(more)
I had had enough.  I had grown to hate my job as a clerk at Clooney's Variety where I whiled away the days selling nostalgia and kitsch items (blowup Elvis dolls anyone?) alongside home goods like saucepans and plastic tarps.   But whenever I started looking for work elsewhere, I felt(more)
Before you submit an application, let me tell you about our CEO:

What do I know about Marvin Bunce?

"On the Subject of Worms"

It slipped up his leg. (more)
No one ever said to me, "John: go do this, it's a worthy thing."  No, they never would have, either, caught up in the fuss of their own lives as they are, who cares what Johnny does with his own term on earth?  But when I was young, God blessed me(more)

"You have three days to come around. You may call Jane or I at the office if you need to clear up any...  uncertainties.  As hard as it may be to believe, Sarah, we care about you.  Not just as an asset but as a person...."

"Stop!!" She rubbed he(more)
At a cafe on the Rue du Farbourg, Sarah was threatening to blow her cover and to stop her, I had to spell out some very hard truths. "We rescued you for one reason, Sarah:  We thought you might be useful, and you have been."
Dealing with difficult people is a part of everyday life, and encounters with such people can be frustrating and, occasionally, even upsetting. The important thing to remember after such exchanges is that, above any other consideration, it is not about you.
At the risk of bringing censure on myself for inserting politics in an apolitical forum, allow me to propose the following 10 reasons for not voting for Trump:

1). His hair is dumb, even though he takes elaborate and expensive measures to make it not look dumb
The doctron for my ward was making the rounds and, late in the morning, it paused by my bed.  "How are you feeling today?" It asked in a gently lilting woman's voice devoid of sympathy.    "Same?"
I leave the house when I can.  Staring at those four walls, I get angry.  Then self-loathing. When I leave the apartment, my world opens up and the sunshine gets in.  But today I can't concentrate.  There's a guy yammering in the background behind me.  He owns the coffee sh(more)
Toothache pain sings and rings in the ears and puts you on a different frequency than everyone else in the room.  Toothache pain is instructive pain.  You change your behavior according to its demands.  You talk less or don't eat certain foods, or at all.  The toothache takes charge.(more)
The pudgy man breathed heavily and sank deeper into the cushion of his chair.  Stretching his legs, he admired the stripes in his socks, then called to the next room.  "Wendell?"

Floating inches off the ground, the robot whirred through the door, its arms raised at attention. "Yes, Mr.(more)
You can't go home again, Thomas Wolfe famously wrote.  But in spite of this long held truth, here I am, nearly broke and all the way tired, driving my decrepit Ford in the direction of my place of birth.   Depending on what I find there, I intend to stay for(more)