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Murdering someone in cold blood.  A primer:  

Why murder?  This question will have as many answers as there are people murdered and those doing the murdering.  In a sense, the question of why is beside the point.   What’s important is that one has decided, for r(more)
I have a dog, Franco.  He’s a mutt, but definitely has some Rottweiler in him.  He’s meaty, and his coat is black and tan .  The rest of him is shepherd, or pit, I’m not sure, but at 90 pounds, you can bet none of his ancestors are Pomeranian.  About Franco, he’s missin(more)
I’ll leave it blank for the sale of the children.  You can only charge so much before the inspector starts drilling down.  Next to the station, a woman drinks from a can.  

“Can we please just keep it down?”  I bounce my knee in disgust.  There is simply no w(more)
LeGrande stood at the foot of Marcy’s bed watching her sleep.  She snored the gentle breaths of a housecat, and LeGrande savored the sound.  Her being asleep would make what he was about to do seem less monstrous.  Not that he cared, he was long past trying to justify what he did,(more)
“Personally, I don’t see the resemblance.”

“What do you mean?  It’s an oil portrait of a French nobleman from the 16th century.  How do you know how he’s supposed to look?”
    Ever since the first wobbly revolutions of the Edison cylinder, the playback of recorded sound has depended on the vibration of air molecules, directed in such a way that the tympanic membrane, located in near enough proximity, can receive them.  This is an entirely mechanical process whic(more)
“It’s my brain, doc.” I said, my feet tapping against the resonant metal sides of the exam table. “I think it’s shrinking.”

As if he hadn’t heard, he shone his penlight into my right eye, then the left.

I went on:  “I don’t like the things I used(more)
The reading was off.  The altimeter indicated we were cruising just above sea level, but it had to be bad data, since minutes before I had flown over the last of the mountains that flanked the entrance to the bay.  That meant I had to be flying at least  5000 ft.  I pressed(more)
The fish with damask scales hung from the ceiling by a cord.  The corpse was stiff but still damp.  In the night, someone had broken into the modern and spacious Ogilvy mansion and, ignoring the Rembrandt prints on the wall and other treasures, had gone straight to the aquarium room.  The intr(more)
I decided to have it removed, electively.  That meant insurance wouldn't cover it.  But considering  the long-term gain I hoped it would bring to me and my ultimate sense of well being, I thought the high price negligible.
The anxiety had been mounting over several days, and, just like every time it breaks through, it feels as inexplicable and scary as the first time.  This wave crashed as I was in the middle of sweeping the floor.  Had I not been occupied by the task and instead been sitting(more)
A little girl shoots herself in her backyard because she had been teased terribly at school for her crooked, thick-lipped, smile, the legacy of brain surgery performed when very young and which saved her life.  Like many insecure girls, I'm sure she thought she was hideous, and I'm sure the(more)
Wanderer, come closer, I must say some words, namely, that everything you do is for naught.  Nothing matters, not one bit, and is not worth the slightest effort to pursue.  Why do I say this? I speak from knowledge.  I have been a pauper, a prince, a king, an artist, a priest,(more)
  I have nothing to say tonight.  The machinery is not up to the task.  It's a personal snow day.  The brain is hanging fire. I want to tell you something, but can't, because I don't know what that something is. I once read that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a 60,000 word novel(more)
When it was Amelia and Dag Arbuthnot’s turn to host the dinner, their gorgeous Tudor home in Buckhead was a perfect setting.  Amelia’s concept (because she has concepts!!) for the evening was a dinner inspired by Olde Worlde English Yuletide traditions (to set the mood, Dag lustfully whipped the younges(more)