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Lovino’s voice is always deep and raspy when he smokes. Gilbert feels like he should tell the other to stop, but it’s too intoxicating watching him blow the smoke in the air, stretched out on his bed and staring up at the ceiling.
Lovino used to be scared of monsters under the bed, even when he was more than old enough to know better. He remembers Gilbert coming to visit when Antonio wasn’t there, something the man would never approve of had he known. But Lovino quickly opened the door at the(more)
“/Gilbert/.” Ludwig did not want to be here. He still had a pile of paperwork back home, and if he was going to get it done when he got back he couldn’t be drunk.

“Don’t forget you have to do everything I say, lil bro.” Gilbert shoved anothe(more)
He had tried once or twice, but he'd never made much of a ruler. Gilbert's only ever been good at leading armies.

And the occasional stray Italian.
Ludwig knew there was something wrong with it. Knew that there were much better options for him. Ones that hadn’t just been fucking his brother a week before and ones that weren’t using him to get back at said brother for whatever stupid thing they were arguing about now.(more)
Lovino’s never kept it secret that he likes things a bit rough, not from Gilbert at least. They’d tried all sorts of things from some skeezy sex store on the corner, gotten a few online. Truthfully, they both preferred fists and teeth to any fancy leather whips or steel(more)
Lovino’s skin reminds him of caramel, but it’s oh so deceptive, and every time he goes in for a taste he’s left with something bitter in his mouth.

There’s nothing sweet about Lovino, he’s all rough edges and harsh words. He’d rather kick your teeth in than whispe(more)
Gilbert likes to pretend that he can play guitar, but Lovino’s sure he’s never held a real guitar in his life. He just remembers rolling his eyes when the man decided to do air guitar solos in the kitchen after drinking a few beers, complete with obnoxious sound effects.(more)
Lovino's fairly certain that Gilbert would leave if he knew he was falling for him.

It wasn't supposed to happen like that. He was the desirable one, the one everyone wanted. But he was still stuck at fourteen and no matter how long Gilbert had been fucking hi(more)