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Sometimes Arthur forgets just how /vast/ Canada is, how beautiful the land is. He’s always preferred the country to the city, but the countryside here means something entirely different. There’s still a raw wildness here, a beauty that can’t be found anywhere else.

“I’m surprised you wanted t(more)
Lovino misses him most in the middle of the night. When he thinks he sees shadows moving in the room and reaches over to feel a warm body next to his. There’s nothing there though, not anymore. Nothing but the strange shapes on the wall.
The sound of loud thunder always brings back memories of the past. Antonio still remembers the way that Lovino would crawl under his covers in the middle of a thunderstorm. Small fists clutching at white sheets, too scared to even pretend he wasn’t.
Feliciano thinks Ludwig is too strict, too rigid about everything. He tries to pull him away from work, slender fingers grabbing at the man’s shirt and lips against his ear. The only indication it’s had any effect is the slight blush across the blond’s cheeks, but Feliciano knows that(more)
He smells like he’s been sleeping in the gutter, and Lovino isn’t exactly sure that wasn’t the case when he looks at dark purple bruises along the man’s arm and messy platinum hair. Gilbert just smiles cockily at him, like he doesn’t know he looks like complete and utter(more)
Arthur wasn’t sure how a man like Lovino had ended up in the British army, but he wasn’t going to ask, not when they were knee deep in mud and the other looked like he might break down at any moment.

Someone as beautiful as him shouldn’t hav(more)
Lovino’s never been very good at chess, so why he agreed to play at all is a bit beyond him. He flexed his fingers as he moved a rook, eyes glancing up at Arthur to see how closely he was watching, wondering if he could just move it slightly(more)
Antonio asked him out four times before he finally said yes. Lovino wasn’t exactly sure what made the difference, maybe just the fact that it hadn’t been as showy. There hadn’t been roses shoved in his face or songs sung to an open window late at night or any(more)
Lovino crumples a napkin and throws it next to a used cigarette, lips pursed in a scowl. The room smells stale and the air is choking, causing even Gilbert to bite back a cough, eyes searching as he sits on the edge of the bed. “You okay?”
Gilbert thought the church was a load of crap, but he was more than willing to take advantage of the promise of sanctuary. So he’d pissed on a government building, who cared? He was just a little drunk that was all.
Ludwig vaguely remembers black silk robes and soft shoes. Now he’s clothed in scratchy material and leather boots, a strange man teaching him the basics of battle in the safety of a large castle. The man calls him brother and tells him he’s too young to really fight. He’s(more)
Lovino was occupied with sticking his finger into the bowl of rich chocolate batter on the counter, carefully licking it clean before shoving it in again. He isn’t a huge fan of sweets, not as much as his brother at least, but if there’s one thing he has a(more)
Lovino could feel the music reverberating in his very bones. The soft strum of a guitar, the melodic voice with that maddening Spanish tilt. It drove him wild. Antonio would often sit up against that tree on summer afternoons, lazily tapping his foot as he strummed something along, pants(more)
Lovino regrets fucking Gilbert the first time. The self satisfied grin the man gives him the next morning, the annoying voice in his ear. He pushes him away and pulls the blanket back over his head, just wanting to sleep a little longer.
Feliciano likes to paint people in bright colors. He wants the fullness of the original subject to come through, wants them to look fully alive. But he just can’t find a blue bright enough to match Ludwig’s eyes, so he pushes the canvas away in frustration, a heavy sigh(more)