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Glass twinkles on wet asphalt in the glow of a failing streetlight.  Steam peels free from the crumpled chassis, slinks along the hood, swathing the vacant, staring headlights with a foggy rheum.

The scene implies motion, turmoil, trauma, and noise, making the absence of such characteristics all the more(more)
Emotion is tangible. Quantum mechanics applies. Even the most unobtrusive means of observing will alter the equation irrevocably. Whatever the world sees of you, by definition, is impure.

I suppose it follows, then, that we are most beautiful when we're alone. Supposing, of course, that beauty is the(more)
He lived his life based on what he felt he owed to those around him.

Everything from the faint firelight gloaming in the farmhouse windows,  to the musky breathing of the oxen just the other side of the barn wall to his back, to the patter of rain that(more)
I'm suffocating.
The air is too full of ghosts.

They settle in your chest like a nest of vipers. Writhing, cloying, sweet lullabye-tendrils that cradle and constrict until you feel the gentle tug of other worlds through invisible windows.

Their venom courses. It strikes where you are(more)
Hello, Carthage.

I just wanted to remind you not to worry. That soft, whishing sound you've been hearing is just life passing you by.
A pair of wayward mariners abandon their Dhow on the moonlit shore and scrabble up an unfamiliar rocky coast. They crest the ridge of a steep outcrop, and on the far side, in the distance, see a monstrous wood that must have never known the civilizing touch of man.(more)
It must be nice to know what you want out of life, to know you can achieve it in careful, calculated increments, to see it summoned from the abyss of your own ethos and made concrete.

I can only imagine how validating that must be. (more)
It hasn't snowed.

Last year's listless body lies naked across the earth, its lacerated flesh exposed, persisting in open defiance of our desire to forget.
I'm doing well, thanks.

The winter solstice has come and gone again; the darkest days are behind us. They'll be back, of course. We'll wend our merry way around the sun and they'll return again, like clockwork. But the older I get, the more I realize that's jus(more)
I want something I love to be mine again.

The things I love have been carved-up among half-familiar ghosts and strewn across the fabric of the universe like the dust of  dying stars.
I like chess because it's intentionally beyond us. A perfect opponent will always win, but most people are fallible. Odds can be overcome more easily in a fallible world.

That board is a stacked universe. We can learn to play the game and tip the odds in our(more)
One minute, Josie was crossing the street on the way home from a local bar. The next, she found herself in a dimly-lit room that felt rather crowded and chaotic, despite its large and indeterminate proportions.

Josie was non-plussed. A prolonged "Umm..." escaped her lips, but a lifetim(more)
Is it my face you wear when you commit those reprehensible acts?  Is it me you see reflected dully in their vacant eyes as they slump to the floor, motionless, unmoving, empty? Is that all you think I am?

How I hate an imposter. (more)
Eve pulled up, rounding on the plains to the east from the height of a dusty plateau. Her courser snuffed at her impatiently. She dismounted and offered it some water from her skin. Satisfied, it nosed around in the dry air and began nibbling at the scrub.
The din and press of the battle had long abated. It could have been hours. It could have been minutes. If not for the doleful marching of day into dusk, it would have been impossible to tell.

To keep my peace, I meditated on the weeks of trainin(more)