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There used to just be milk. It was white. It came in a glass bottle, or a waxed cardboard carton. That was what you got, and you either take it or leave it.

I think about that fact while staring at a wall of milk varieties in the(more)
Who were we before we stopped loving each other

Were we wiser

Did we know something in our innocence that we lost through experience

Did it only seem infinite because we never tested it
Did we build it for a fair-weather world only for it(more)
The driver's side door on my work vehicle won't open from the outside any more. Supposedly some latch inside the door-panel is broken, and the whole thing has to come off in order to fix it. I wanted to do it myself, but the screws they use to attach(more)
In the end, we're all strangers to each other. Travelers coming, lingering, and leaving again. Our journey is a slow one. Here and there we find joy, dam the river, and linger awhile. But the motion just below the surface is constant, and it all snaps back eventually. (more)
Stale beer. Strewn glasses. Sweating cans. Wet rings on polished wood. Big Ed steps under the light. Towels the sweat off his forehead. Mumbles something about a special guest into an overly-hot mic.

Nobody looks up. 'Cept me. When I see Lev hunch his way to the stool(more)
Broken promises still have merit. We need them more than we know. What we first find when analyzing them is the regret of a choice made and a goal unmet. We compare that outcome to the prospect of absolute success.

But there are more shades to it.   (more)
Hey there, Donnie.

It's been awhile. Just checking in.

I know you don't know me, but I hate you and everything you represent. I see no reason to hide that.

But a part of me does, in theory, understand why you feel the need to twe(more)
You have become a person you promised yourself you'd never be. You drew yourself a cozy perimeter, nestled uncomfortably within the jagged, interlocking edges of those around you. You told yourself you must trust, so you did not build walls. Then you let those lines become blurred by the(more)
I could be anything.

I sit idle, a hot twist of molecules in a river of radiating light. Stars are born and die around me, civilizations crumble, and my heart beats. Profound loves spark into life, and my heart beats. Better people than I can ever hope to(more)
I watched the embers of my torch smolder out. I tunneled in on the fading light, and it became my whole world.  It seared itself into me, looming, and I let it. There was nothing else. I knew it was the last thing I'd ever see.
We watch the monitors. The man who stood in the room with us moments ago appears on the feed from a ship in near-earth orbit, emerging from a disc-shaped void full of churning, bright-white light.

The computer declares the teleportation a success. A cheer erupts around me. The(more)
Green paint peeling. Blue underneath. Then a graying, ancestral white lingers yet beneath that. Ice cream and bird-shit stained, begrimed with the hand-prints of sticky children beyond number.

Each coat a fresh start, but imbued with a stubborn tackiness, as if the time contained within each layer i(more)
Nothing exists that cannot be made to hurt.  We are excellent at engineering this hurt in ourselves and in others. We can flay a loved one's words and lay them bare, style the flesh of them into loathing, odium, disgust. And-- perhaps most impressive-- we can lie to ourselves in(more)
The man stepped down from his palanquin. Clean bare feet fell gracefully on soft, dark soil.  

There was no dirt under his fingernails. Obviously wealthy, but he looked keen. In truth, he'd lived in the capital his whole life. But his tutors raised him well. He knew tha(more)
This was the electoral version of a mass shooting.

You called us crybabies for challenging the nature of the election and its results. You claimed the opposition never whined like that eight years ago, when Obama was elected.

Of course there are mountains of evidence to contradi(more)