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The dead walk and we follow. They tell us who we are, and where we are going.

They lay themselves prostrate across the sky, stars twinkling up the length of their spines. Their arms sweep down from their sides and fall languidly to the earth. They run thei(more)
When in doubt, declare your love. You might still fail, but you'll know. You''ll know one of the great truths that we are born into this world in order to discover. Say nothing, and you'll always be left wondering. I have a lifetime's worth of wondering already. I feel(more)
Gnats flickered about the man's head like sparks off a crackling, spitting fire. Runnels of sweat escaped his brow. He pawed at the moisture with a dirty rag that blackened the creases of his face.

Around him, fresh-faced tourists squawked. Sipping tea, buying boots, browsing their way throug(more)
People will do a lot of things for a promise alone. Or at least for the faint shimmer of hope a promise offers. The fall-through never seems as real as the prospect of success.  Funny, that. Perhaps it has to do with the kinds of stories we tell.
A few hundred years ago, one in four birds in north america was a passenger pigeon. They were highly social, and nested in great flocks. They numbered in the hundreds of millions.

In reading about the passenger pigeon, stumbled across the concept of predator satiation. The operating principle(more)
We are not WE until we become the selves we see in our unliving ancestors' locked-away and dreaming eyes,

We are not WE until we recognize it is our own yearning we hear in the shapeless cries of the newly-made,
Wet dumpster metal glinting in cadmium streetlight. Car horns slurring. A crowd of strained voices. There were other people out there, somewhere. There doesn't seem to be anyone now.

Head thrown back. Tracers flit across eyes. Chipped white reflective paint phosphorescing on asphalt. There's a hum coming fro(more)
It's a race against the ache.
I just want to be warm
And loved
And alone.

When I'm gone, I don't want your pretty words. I don't want gatherings and reminiscences. None of you have earned that. You'll do it anyway, I know. You'll do it to prove that you owned a little piece of me.

But you're wrong. What you had is wha(more)
They love the you they want you to be. And they sing that love so sweetly that it hurts not to try to be that. It happens slowly, and you don't notice. But before long you're more interested in being their you than yours.
I set sail with the morning sun over my left shoulder. The way generations of local lore told us never to go. I didn't sail out of hubris or naivety. But because the only thing worse than death is not knowing.

I took a small vessel and lef(more)
Our lives were designed to be short, and our sense of foresight was designed accordingly.

We came from thickset forest and fields of tall grass. At any given time, our entire world was a short sight line about half the radius of a circle. Objects flitted in an(more)
Just start. Momentum matters. Like overcoming rejection, or public speaking, or working out. Waiting for the right moment to start hardly ever works. There are refined techniques. There is an art to it. But first you need to get better at the act  of doing.
There used to just be milk. It was white. It came in a glass bottle, or a waxed cardboard carton. That was what you got, and you either take it or leave it.

I think about that fact while staring at a wall of milk varieties in the(more)
Who were we before we stopped loving each other

Were we wiser

Did we know something in our innocence that we lost through experience

Did it only seem infinite because we never tested it
Did we build it for a fair-weather world only for it(more)