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Doris was excited about her pheasant-hatching unit.  Each of her middle schoolers in special education would "adopt" an egg and learn how to care for something fragile and dependent.  

At an age in which they were just beginning an honest examination of their own parents, students would start (more)
It was 1985, and Mikey's first air plane ride.  The three-year-old watched out the window as they climbed above the clouds.  In the quietude of the take off, he yelled at his mother, "All right, where's Jesus?"  
Tatyana rushed into the classroom and blew up. "Oh my God!  Not again!" She yelled in the emotional way unique to middle school girls.  She slammed her thin body into a chair and put her head in her hands.  
Some people collect dolls, baseballs, or matchbooks. I collect quirks. There is nothing more delicious than well crafted, expulsion-worthy behavior, or a good Tourette's Syndrome shout out.  My days are glorious - full of twitches, queer noises, naughtiness and scary smells.  Human oddity is my specialt(more)
A special education teacher must be of quick wit and unsound mind.  

Last week a fellow teacher came to me concerned about one of my middle school students.  He had heard the student was cutting. ‎ "Perhaps he has decided he is emo." I said, envisioning the lock of(more)
Kelly, I don't know where you are. I have searched the Internet- even that horrible succubus, Facebook, for your name. For a while you and I were friends, good friends.  Remember how, at the noon AA meeting, we used to make fun of Wino Winnie and her horrible 3 T(more)
Selma had blown off the task of staffing the fall anti drug assembly, and now her choices were limited.  When she suggested her old boyfriend, Slither Jones, the principal simply signed off.

Slither marketed himself as a motivational speaker who travelled with “an exciting collection of scaled predato(more)
My 78 year old mom called from the farm and asked me to set up a visit to “the lady doctor.” I made an appointment with my gynecologist, and dropped her there the first day of her holiday.  On the drive home, she was uncharacteristically quiet.  I asked her if everything(more)
The lunch recess monitor rushed in to tattle (God, I got sick of her), and Billy was sent into my office, again.

“Why are you here, Billy?” I asked the kid sitting with his legs sticking straight out of his seat.

“I was pwaying too hawd on(more)
The Responsible Drug Forum

lostlovebird: hi, RDF peeps. i'm trying really hard to type right but i need a question! Please help me as i may be dying! I drank a whole bottle of Robotussin DM and now I'm itchy as hell!

DigitusParticus: Someone answered this before.(more)
Hours of practice had paid off; Brock became The Badger.  It was a mascot with which he felt a kinship.  They were both polygamous, both emitted a strong, musky odor, and they both possessed a natural ability to keep down excessive populations of rodents.  After years of enduring hallway bulli(more)
A small boy with big eyes under crooked glasses, Klayton was a sincere young man.  Five minutes after the bell had rung he rushed in all a flutter.

"Can I talk to you in private?" He whispered.
It turns out you cannot stay a sinner under water.   If you spend enough time in the ocean you are baptized by proxy; a fact preachers exploit to pad their coffers.  You don’t need them if you are a squid.  
It was on a cross-country bus that I met the cat whisperer.  I fell in love with her right away.  Older, she had a soft, out of focus face surrounded by a lop-sided helmet of cotton candy hair.  Her faded orange cardigan (embellished by embroidered cats in various states of play) was(more)
I could hear her angry obscenities. The hole she had created, by punching out the cafeteria window, made for great acoustics.

“Thank God you are here.” The Vice Principal said, opening the door. “Another one of your kids is freaking out.”  I tried not to roll my eyes.   (more)