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It was an all-consuming sort of relationship. You know, the kind where all you can think about is him, what he's doing, who he's talking to, why he hasn't texted you back.

I felt like I was drowning and I didn't want to be saved.

It lasted(more)
The queen stepped away from the looking glass, her features tired and her dress a drab, depressing shade of grey. There was no color in the room: no royal purple draperies, no gilded furniture. Everything was the same shade as her gown.
The tired pirate stood at the dock, her auburn curls whipping at her face; the tide was in, and soon the ship would be out, leaving her behind. "Come with us," pleaded the crew.

A small smile tempted her full lips upward, and she shook her head. At(more)
Another page fell out of the frayed page, and it's like all that I felt for her trickled away in the rain. More and more droplets fell into the pamphlet still in my trembling hand, but I was dry inside - dry and empty and cold. Nothing had ever(more)