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Alice in wonderland
No Katy Perry
I actually feel
Like a paper bag
He still smiles at me in the hallway like nothing’s ever happened
Nothing’s wrong or changed between  us
But everyone knows we have a history now
And wanna know why?
Faster than he could clear his head he was (more)
When I arrive on my last doorstep of the day, I have my expectations. Which will it be this time? I ask myself. Running? Yelling? Crying? Dirty looks? A heated debate of some sort?
A woman appears, opening the door before I have even found the time to knock(more)
"I fear pure beauty and utter oblivion," Mari says pointedly. Elijah gives her a blank stare. "It's rather disconcerting and uncomfortable to think of either. Don't you think?"
Elijah once again fails to respond.
"The first," Mari continues, throwing him an irritated glance, "is beauty that out-stands all else,(more)
rearrange my life
make me see things differently
change for the better
Is it bad that my
Maturity is so low
This made me crack up
It was June when Dr. DelGreco told my mother that my sister Charlotte wanted to kill herself.  
“Oh,” my mother said, after she had been told of Charlotte’s confession to being suicidal. “That’s just how Charlotte is. It’s just another one of her phases. She’ll be over i(more)
Met someone lovely.
I am happy, I am loved.
Door swings shut. End dream.
"We could settle down, find a home. It'd be peaceful. Don't tell me that doesn't sound good to you," I say.
She looks utterly uninterested.
"A lake house even. Or a pond house. We could paint it white or blue, nice light colors. We could overlook the water--that'd (more)
shower writing is
the easiest because the
ideas don't vanish
I sit with Scarlett on the back porch. Her hair is down, with loose strands blowing around her face, catching in the breeze. It's spring, and the flowers are just popping up. They face the sun, growing in their phototrophismic manner. In the sky, the sun shines. It's smiling(more)
Sadness is poison
Infecting me, as mildew
Makes me gasp for breath.
Often I find my  mind wandering aimlessly, sifting through the heavy clouds that fade and conceal the process of my thoughts. I speak aloud, whether others are present and listening or I am wholly alone. My wandering mind takes a life of its own. It relies not on logic, but(more)
Melinda's eyes glistened, rhinestones in the clear, silent night.
"Worthless," Daniel repeated. "Worthless, useless. Absolutely unbelievable."
He stood, pacing, his fists clenched tightly in the moment of rage. That's what it was, Melinda tried to convince herself. Simply a moment. Somewhere within, though, she kn(more)
He was sick. She knew that, oh so well. There were days he would barely move, and she would sit at his side, staring upon his limp, ashen body, from dawn till dusk. His gaze was petrifying to those on the outside looking in, his dark eyes piercing and(more)