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Breaking tree
you have up to 300 words. what will you say?I watch the drops roll playfully down her face, oblivious to the emotion that birthed them.  I feel nothing.
“I’m so embarrassed!” she shouts, and it winds me. She must be. I would be too. I don’t feel bad about falling(more)
“Use up the oil and all that fossil crap, it really doesn’t matter; the planet’s survived much worse. That doesn’t bother me”. The focus in Gary’s eyes were piercing, Xi shuffled in discomfort.  
“You wont be saying that when it does” he responded with a generic self-righteous tone.
He had been uncertain for a while now: faith wasn't carrying him through prayer anymore, he was talking to himself in a room. Long-term bonds weren't holding friendships together. Hugo leant forward creasing his pinstriped suit.
"How long do you think this one will go on for, if I(more)
Muddy trunks and a sky as delicate as piano notes hugged the convulsing flames. Everything looked like stop motion. The gas was therapeutic, she could command her ghosts into the heat, then put them to bed.

This was the last step in 10,000. Her parents died, her ca(more)
He is unreliable and he did leave. Timothy cursed living in this decade. He hated Bob Dylan and the rest of them for framing "Rolling Stones" with, that, caricature. You must be uncommitted because you're free. The tragedy had been glazed over.
Mike’s meanders below the surface, waiting. The meeting continues and his face blends into the scenery.
“Who is happy to pick up Target Inc.?” questions the boss. Mike’s face holds the same expression but his heart speeds up, and his mind organises the pieces. ‘They are based in Carolina,(more)
The first time we spoke I was shocked by her smile, I had discovered a new species of girl. She was funny! And her words, her words danced around subjects occasionally passing through the core to show her depth, then she danced again to put me at ease. (more)
I bumbled along the coastline, water burrowing beneath the souls of my feet, and I try to figure it out: left or right. Left brings safety, it brings everything I already know. Silky sand rising into bouncy grass, which grows into fallen leaves and towering trees. I can hear(more)
A mechanical tick moved in a set rhythm, verbalising the onset of movement. Harry circled his creation with a critical eye. His knees lowered to ground and his eye passed over the two wooden boots at the base. Ten thousand silver ball bearings, held together as two separate tubes,(more)
“You just need to do what I told you” Sophie said with a caring facial expression, but stern eyes.
“I’m not sure”
“That’s fine, you can do what you like, but you know how the other choices will end”. Sophie wasn’t sure if she learnt how to use persuasive(more)
Shaking claws pulled a cracker behind dirty nails to beyond the edge of the table. Wood chippings, a saltine cracker, and the corner of a block of cheese tumbled down a dry throat and filled George’s stomach. It gurgled and he felt winded; he wasn’t prepared to eat. (more)
They poorly tap danced across the pavement, slipping from their heels to their toes. Strange women looped into their arms, whispered soft bitchy remarks about their friends, and then fell away. Tears feel from Joems face. “I don’t know what to do without her”, he belched, and turned AdamCooper,(more)
The steel clashed together, blow after blow. The two brothers danced across table tops in torn shoes as the skeletons of their parents watched on. Fabric loosely covered them in greens, reds, and blacks, seasoned with stains and mud that called the brothers clothes a home. Outside of the(more)
Three women dressed for a black-tie event stopped talking after the first, Annie, spotted Johnathon from her peripheral view. They rushed like a family receiving their weekly food package.
“Pleaaseee Johnathon, show us one”. Johnathon responded with a compliant smile and took one of her earrings, squeezed it i(more)
“But what if I mess it up?!” he coughed out, spluttering with tears, a crumpled open collar suit draped over his body.
“Then you mess up” Sarah responded, “and life goes on”.
“Not for me!” (more)