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- and for you, sir?

yeah, i'll tell you what i'm having, i'll take a fuckin' piece of meat, don't matter what you got ‒ steak, chicken, pork, what have you ‒ and put it on some lettuce. the fuck is spring mix? wait a second ‒ you(more)
After winter had come and gone, it left a palpable trail of both quiet longing and vague hopefulness in its wake. The people slowly started venturing out, one by one, to bask in the sun - something foreign after abstaining from its rays for so long.  
With the rising of the sun, the two figures walked through the clearing with tools in hand. Tom's teeth glistened in the cold light. His saw wobbled under his youthful and unsure grasp as they walked to the embankment where the timber lay. The boys, barely twenty, were in(more)
When Leonard Perot passed, the small town of Jasper erupted into a steady stream of gossip and condolences. "Cirrhosis," his daughter tells me as she lugs laundry baskets full of beer bottles out into the yard. "Real shame," I say. The Sunday bell rings off in the distance. My(more)