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I wish my pain was something that could  be easily seen by looking in a mirror. I dont know what is wrong. I dont know why I am so upset. I mean i know why, but I dont really understand why NOW it is causing this reaction. I wish the(more)
Im in a war. I am losing the war, I can only lose this war. When I lose this war I will lose myself. These thoughts consume me, they consume my soul, my heart, my actions, and my life. I am being eaten alive by my own mind. I(more)
I literally had to google this and I still dont understand what this is.
where are you. who are you. are you even real. i could say so much. youre gone. youre all gone. youre not them. theyre not real. im not even them. im so sorry.
There are many things that can be empty. Bowls can be empty, wallets, rooms, boxes too, and me. I can be empty. I feel empty. I feel like something is missing. This happens often. Those times when I feel this way, the air feels empty. It feels like there(more)
I am anything but deft. I feel like I used to be, yet, I feel like I never have been. I feel like a liar. I feel like I try to hard to be something I will never be. I feel pathetic. I feel useless. I feel like a(more)
what more can i do for you. i want to, but this is no longer my place. im sorry
Is how close I am to dying. Physically I have scars longer than that, caused by me, due to you. Three inches is how close our hearts were each time I was with you. Three inches was how far off I always am as I aim for your head.(more)
Letting his hand rest near my wrist, it takes me a moment to realize he asked a question. A face, long, soft yet strong, so distractingly gorgeous all I can think of is what a blessing it would be to be able to see that every day, and know(more)
Sugar, we're going down down in an earlier round. And sugar we're going down swinging.
yar har fiddle dee dee being a pirate is all right to be. do what you want cuz a pirate is free, you are a pirATE. whoever comes up with these triggers suck.
Maybe you're there. Maybe I should be there. Maybe there's more there to smile about than oranges and sun.
I tell the voices in my head.
"Youre not real. I dont believe you."

"You can trust me, you cant trust them. They lie to you. They dont love you, they dont love you at all. Youre not worth it. You cant do anything right. Why do you(more)
I laid across your body that night. That final night. It went from bad to good. No. It went from bad to worse, I just didnt know it yet.
You said it felt nice, you never wanted to let that feeling go.
You had my trust.
You said you trusted me too.
I believed you.
Now, I dont know if I can trust anything you say anymore.