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my mobile office:

the size of a closet;

in between a woman's lips, small desk, chair--hoping her O of surprise stays permanent;

on lincoln's thumb, the statue in wa. dc, absorbed in my work, surrounded by tourists, not hating them but glorying a little bit in(more)
she sleeps sealed in a hermetically
     sealed room
in saran wrap     to    keep    
    the dust out.
The yellow house had two couches and that's where the mad women sat. Dust motes rose in the air and mice skittered under the couches as Jan, Linda and Betsy discussed the virtues of margarine and certain kinds of ineffable cheese. The house had no cat so the mice(more)
I dreampt about ordering a vanilla soft serve cone in Wisconsin. My change came back to me with gravel in it. Then the guy pulled away without giving me my cone. I ran after his truck yelling, "No cone! No cone!" When I woke up this morning (more)
I came home from school to
fifteen loaves of freshly baked Rye bread.
My mother was always  making things. Making things for other people. Other people's children.
Warm bread.
Warm scarves for all the poor in Africa. (more)
I was a switchboard operator for seven months at the Mayflower Park Hotel on 4th. My first job after college. My job consisted of answering the phone. "Mayflower Park Hotel." Then directing the call, "I'll ring." My other job was to direct tourists in the lobby to postcard locations(more)
Maybe you lied a little today;
maybe you lied a lot.
You don’t want to lose your job for any reason
so you implied to your boss you love it there.
Mornings during the week, you wake up slow,
You turn. You dread the slow advent of the tru(more)
I had a tiny telephone for the tiny telephone call I had to make to the tiny person and when I made it, I felt a tiny sense of exhileration,  not big, you see, because I was tiny too.
I wonder about Noah and the ark. I wonder if by day nine, the family, even the animals, were already regretting the whole venture. The rain was merciless and beat down on them day and night. The water sent the ark bow down into gullies and then upright again.(more)
If I had an ounce of confidence I still wouldn't go.
We're having coffee, right? Just coffee,
yet the weight of my expectation could fill this room.

I am a heart melt big mac for this, (more)
Our deacons were pressuring our pastor to give more altar calls. I do not know why because everyone in our congregation was saved. One night has burned itself into my memory like the flame that burned through the opening scene of the 60s TV show, "Bonanza."    

It wa(more)
Yesterday, I was waiting with a client for her ride home and to make the time pass, I started playing with her that old road trip game, "I Spy With My Little Eye." A man walked up to the front door holding a carrier with his baby in it.(more)
In the train tunnel through Copenhagen, the spy relaxed and turned on the overhead light to read a romance novel. For exactly three minutes, timed by her excellent agency-issued watch, she allowed herself an illusion of a husband, a home and mildly pornographic sex. Then the alarm went off(more)
The witch offered me a spell for a hundred dollars. I looked around her Silver Stream trailer. She had black-light posters of Elvis and Chuck Norris. A few pieces of beef jerky, still in the package, on the counter. An open beer. No herbs. No cauldron. No cat.   (more)
It was the words that drew me. My mother said I should stay away from wicked women because they were fallen, corrupted, vile, degraded, seductive, sinful, and of the flesh. There just weren't that many interesting words for good women. It would make sense that I would be drawn(more)