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I dreamed my sister said the hard truths of her childhood in church and, afterwards, the women of the congregation gave her cash which she stuck behind her bra.
Two women talk in the seat in front of me on the bus just past Safeco Field. One says, "Little Bit stabbed someone by the Jack in the Box over a dollar. Over a dollar." And they go back and forth for a while.

"Over a dollar?" Ove(more)
Lately people have been offering me their seats on the bus. At first I was pleased by these unexpected gifts. Then yesterday a young woman next to the window leaned forward and said, "Would you like my seat?" and I realized the truth. She saw my graying hair and(more)
It was the last run that I had parents or thought I had them. I had awakened that morning feeling strange--off. But when you have a mood disorder, what's weird feeling #1,223,456? But still, I couldn't shake it. Finally, in the early evening, I went for a run. I(more)
In my childhood, we told hero stories around our dinner table. A friend of my father's had been "called" to serve God in the Amazon and died from three arrows by a tribe apparently unhappy to have him there. I never really understood or was told the politics of(more)
When Sam was little, she strung strings from her closet to her desk. She made tiny paper soldiers, each with a tactical gun, and attached them to the strings and sent them down the zip lines to rescue her. As an adult, when we were dating, she showed me(more)
Yesterday I noticed the toddler on the bus who dresses so exuberantly was carrying pink and white pom poms to match her pink skirt, her tennis shoes and HELLO KITTY back-pack hanging from her stroller. I noticed that I noticed. The pom poms especially--so pink. Just waiting to be(more)
You are a seal but not really a seal. The name you don't know you are is selkie although when in your seal body, you are only dimly aware of your human self, your ability to shape shift. You swim through the oceans, sleek-water wet, dive and surface, eat(more)
I remember the house, my house, its bright cherry doors, the long lawn made for children, the barn, the plum tree with its plums strewn on the lawn in season, the banty hens by the barn, little feathered soldiers on their beat, pecking at the plums. I remember how(more)
Holding a ticket for Frontier Flight 328, Gate C-52,    
I run through the Denver airport.    
7 minutes to loading.    
Everyone in front of me on the flat escalator    
is too slow.  
last night i dreamed of thailand
there was lightning on the day glow fields.
a flash illuminated tulips four feet high.

dreams are better than acid.
Abilify could change my life
or was it Lamictal?
I'm not supposed to know their candy names
and just watch the screen....

The man just outside the party, (more)
I listen to words all day at work, halfling words, spit-out words, words choked in the throat then wrenchingly brought forth, words never born. I read recently of the baby in Argentina, Luz Milagros, her parents named her, Spanish for light and miracles, because they thought her dead then(more)
Disease is a hard word to approach. You think of maggots, mounds of bodies in black and white photographs curling at the edges. Soften the word, however, and think of brain, think of the delicate pink city up there, pulsing, pink, alive and singing at its best--tilted, bent, even(more)
well, straight down the line.
straight ahead.
i follow the arrows.

yesterday, i saw a golden retriever,
a service dog. (more)