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When we are young our parents try to instill values in us. My parents told me that anything I do I should do well.  So I went to college and got all A's. Then I got a job and I was great at it.   Then I was hired for my(more)
When I was a kid my dad and I were painting the family room when he started to tell me about his time in Vietnam. I was 9. The color of the paint was cream, my dads hair still red  like mine. He told me of the hot, humid day(more)
All to often we watch the evening news and are told about a hoarder who has 50 cats, or a family who is one mortgage payment short of owning their home outright. Or the single mom who can't afford health care for her children let alone gifts at Christmas.(more)
Hearing the words sleep over as a child would instantly push my adrenaline. It didn't matter which relative it was I would be so jazzed that my bag would be packed at the door a week in advance.  I knew that in my future was going to be a cheeseburger,(more)
At the end of the day I sit and count my blessings. This life, this place, our happiness would not be if it were not for you.

We've built a life, had many children, made many memories to have long into what is now our old age. Creatin(more)
You know that animal rescue commercial? The one with the music so pathetic it makes you cry? Well one night when I had PMS so bad I gave in. No, not to make a contribution. To actually get a pet. Two weeks from that night I had adopted the(more)
Every day starts out with him jumping on the bed and staring at me with his Beagle/Basset eyes. Followed by a whimper of dissatisfaction at my lack of acknowledgement. After a paw to the head I rise from my slumber.

With a tired body I drape myself(more)
Ah the days of spit wads. They where every teachers worst nightmare. Gooey and gross, falling from the ceiling into your hair or even worse, your coffee. They were harmless fun kids would have and for the time period what teachers would consider their biggest annoyance. Times have changed.(more)
Some call it fairy dust. Some call it psoriasis. I call it gross. I can since I have it. Most people don't know my secret. However when I have to be close to someone my anxiety level skyrockets. A hair cut, a dr.'s appointment, even a date with friends.(more)