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A smirk, a sideways glance, and standing a little closer. You reach out and touch my hand and it lingers just a moment longer. We reveal secrets and desires, and place light fingertips on each other's aches. Fireworks in my brain, I can't see straight and I'm a(more)
There is one thing I have come to fully believe - nature always wins. We may hack down trees, dynamite rocks, irradiate substances, poison rivers - but nature always wins. We build houses, pave sidewalks, and try to tame grass into perfect neat green lawns. But water seeps in(more)
She asked me, "Do you get sad this time of year." And I'm not sure why but a part of me immediately said "Yes." I came up with some sort of answer that didn't really answer and said that instead. I'm not sure why my gut screamed yes though(more)
"This is a treacherous path we take here."
"This side of the wall, is there anything but?"
"I suppose not, but I don't relish the idea of being a slip away from a painful end on the jagged rocks I see at the bottom."
"Well," she half smiled in(more)
I have memories of visiting a bread factory when I was in elementary school. I only vaguely remember the machines that mixed ingredients, kneaded loves, and baked to perfection. I have impressions of workers in blue uniforms and hairnets, explaining how to make bread as loaves rolled by a(more)
Smile, sly. A little coy, a dash of undertone, a hint of subtext. Read between the lines to find the skin within, caress, wink, laugh, and don't draw too much attention. No target to aim at, no solid plan to try and sketch out. Flirt? Friendly? Something in between,(more)
And so how will we paint this later on? How will we dress to excuse, to hide, to cover? Or will we highlight, underline, and embellish? Will we find a way to talk about it or will words fail us when the time has come? I don't know which(more)