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Sniffing the air around me, I smell nothing but the pungent smell of vodka. It seems to be coming through my pores.

I miss you.

Everyone, God.
Please just suck it.
Please just let me live.
One tiger basks in the sun.
Another tiger wades in the water.

The clear glass disrupts the illusion of home.
Feathers from my pillow poke me awake.
They're all over; there are some in my hair, others sticking to my skin, one pierced my hand.

What happened here?
Where is the man from last night? (more)
Secrets are written in college-ruled notebooks, hidden inside black boxes, hidden under beds or in closets.

They go into the ears of a listener, sometimes sticking to brain matter and other times just go out the other ear.

They go into the grave, kept safe and buried(more)
Really, is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?

I think of it when I see my ex's girlfriend.
I think of it when I watch a show we loved.
The spill of the milk when I was a child.
The gallon exploded on the floor;
my mother tried to save what was left.

The hundreds of spills in my bedroom.
Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Water. (more)
My island is when my phone dies.

I am unreachable.
I am untouchable.
I am alone.
Why do we cheat?

Is it because we want something we can't have?
Is it because we want to hurt our lover?

I cheat to even the score.
Her mind is slowly but surely getting blurrier.
No thought really makes sense anymore.

She thinks about all the things she doesn't have:
a boyfriend,
a close friend, (more)
The two sets of keys are in your pocket.

One to your house,
and one to my car.

I let you drive and (more)
Prescription after prescription after prescription.

All the doctors tell me the same thing:
"These will make you feel better."
"These will make you live longer."
"Don't you want to be around to see your grandchildren?"

Each pill comes with a different side effect.

The small whit(more)
His hands around his brother's throat, a feeling of power overcomes.

"Who's the stronger one now?" he says as his fingers tighten.
Too much for too little.

Too enthusiastic about your love life:
The woman you've been pining after for three years finally invites you into her bed. She asks you what you want. You don't know what to say. You don't say anything. You bite. And the bite bruises.(more)