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I knew it was a benevolent universe from the way it liked to play jokes on me.
Her name lingered with something like the consistency of caramel. I didn't know whether to wash it clean or lick it off so I left it there to stay and harden.
One was for my shadow. It never rusted.
We tried to hold it all the way through the tunnel. No one ever could, so we just settled for beating each other.

Time stumbled, lost its footing without the in-out-in of respiration. The tunnel lights smeared - we were all there together. Only competition kept us from(more)
The best part is maybe never seeing her again.
I was held in judgement - suspended like a museum specimen in a forgotten drawer. These days I lost control so easily.

My will was a petrified forest, turned by anger. I could not recall the last time I had seen something clearly. Casting for salvation I caugh(more)
He died with a hard back and a soft belly, wanting a bit more out of life. A solid few remembered the way he once was, but for most he lived his life like a shooting star too far away to be seen.

Two women had loved him(more)