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You would think it unnecessary to point out that the ramifications of wearing red and green around Christmas time are significant.

Daisy certainly knew it, but even she slipped up for once. And this was not for a trip to the grocery store or to pick up her(more)
It was so frigidly cold that I was so relieved to see a shop, I entered it without looking around.

I kept my head down, mouth and nose lost in the folds of my scarf, rubbed my gloved hands together, and bounced to get the blood moving.   (more)
The summer afternoon was meant to be a lazy one in the park with a novel.

It didn't turn out quite as planned.

I left after lunch, and waited 45 minutes for the bus.

I grumbled as I took my seat, quite miffed to have lost(more)
Henry bumped into an acquaintance on his way to work. The acquaintance had recently redecorated her home. She was sweet to him and suggested he come over on Saturday afternoon.

He couldn't say no, of course, and he realised he was stuck with the burden of going there,(more)
The coffee shop owner down the road is my friend and always gives me discounts. We are also the type of friends who look all content and pleased with each other on the surface. But underneath, we are rabid opponents.
I gave an acquaintance a gift for her birthday. It was a statue of a bird, carved out of green marble with gold detailing.

She hated it.
Dear dears,

I haven't been able to reply to your emails until now because the clouds came tumbling down a few days ago. As you can imagine, my internet connection was completely down because of the vapour.

Some of you who managed to reach me on the(more)
Teacher says how should you write a story?

Student says think of a character and put it in a crazy situation.

Teacher says write a chronological outline. (more)
I tried to get "there" but I couldn't find the place.

So I gave up and got back home just in time, before the party started.

The guest of honour arrived with her brother. She was on a wheelchair, but for the first time in months, looked(more)
One day when I was strolling on a cobbled street, a bright pink tent blocked my way. I couldn't get around it, so I went inside.

Suddenly, I was levitating. Around me, I saw the people who I would normally encounter on the street. They were walking o(more)
You look beautiful in that dress.

Oh, this old thing? Nawww.

Yes, you do. You can make an old thing look new.
I have just had so much cake I am bleary eyed.  

I would go to sleep on the extremely comfortable bed I am sitting on, but I just got an "oh dear"-filled text message from my aunt asking me to call her urgently. She never does this, so(more)
I've always believed that if you pay attention to your surroundings, you'll find something that surprises you. It was toughest in an industrial zone.

The grey factories, trucks on the roads, barbed wire,

pigeons, construction sites,

smoke in the sky, mud and holes in the groun(more)
Every time I use an ATM machine, I get scared that my card will never come back out. I know it's irrational, and I know that if it goes into the machine it'll (probably) end up in the hands of the bank itself, which I suppose would be fine.(more)
You know what? I'm sure it is.

I'm sure the geese ran around to their heart's content, splashed joyfully in specially-made pools and retired to ergonomically-designed goose-houses for the night.

So, sure, they probably had happy lives.

But I just can't tell the difference between the(more)