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It was Saturday night and I was alone in my room. My friends had cancelled our plans and my parents were in the living room watching a horror film in which I had no interest.  

I'd already read a novel, danced to Rihanna songs, done stomach crunches, and(more)
"Her face resembles that of a fish. Like, her lips are pouty, but in a fish-like way. And her eyes are a bit goggly and bulgy. Seriously. Fish-like."

"Does that mean you like her face, or not?" This was the eleventh girl I'd picked.

"Well, some people(more)
My arch-nemesis colleague and I had been robbing each other for a while.

It started when I broke into his home late at night. I took his prized Faberge egg, to which his ego was inescapably tied.

I did it to get revenge on him ruining my(more)
I found art when I tripped over on the sidewalk.

My angle of falling was a perfect arc - a smooth circle that I felt and traced in the air as I fell.

My arms shot out to break my fall, with elbows bending to capture some(more)
I always looked down instead of forward. People always chided me for this until I found a hundred dollars on the street.

I felt a wave of self-righteousness as I bent down to pick it up. I grabbed it and as I looked up a beggar locked m(more)
When I was walking to the grocery store, I overheard a snippet of an altercation between two people. I know it was nosey to eavesdrop, but I succumbed to curiosity.

They were around the corner, so I stayed where I was and pretended to use my smartphone while(more)
Yesterday I met Celia for coffee at our usual place, Heather Blue. Since I'd baked some chocolate chip cookies earlier, I decided to bring some along for her.

As I walked in, the sweet scent of Heather Blue washed over me. I spotted Celia, and joined her. (more)
Yesterday I was at the subway station, trying to find someone I could ask for directions. I happened to notice a lady staring at another lady's hideous shoes. I decided to ask her.  

"Aren't those shoes awful?"   (more)
When I found a diamond ring washed up on the beach, I did everything possible to find the owner.

I went to the lifeguard and asked if anyone had been wearing that ring. She said she looks out for danger, not accessories. Then she said I was distractin(more)
The 7 button came off my mobile phone yesterday.

After some thought, I surmised that I could not use this phone if it did not have a 7 button.

So I did the obvious thing. Superglue. And fortunately, it worked.

Then Stella came round for a(more)
On a windy day, I stood at the bus stop reading my very important piece of paper - a bit of a naive thing to do, in hindsight.

A gust of wind later, the important piece of paper flew down the street. A dog became interested and began(more)
When I ate cake that had candle wax dripped on it, I didn't realise the chain of events it would cause.

Aunt Susan saw me eat it and got quite worried, insisting  I phone her the following day, and the day after, to report on the state of my(more)
I had ink all over my fingers from writing two hundred place cards with a calligraphy pen. My back hurt from bending over the desk. And I had less than fifteen minutes to transform myself from a haggard wench to a demure lady.
"No, there is no darkness. You think it is there, but it is not," said the shaman, looking at the crystal ball.

"Maybe only you live in a world of perpetual light," whined Alice. "There's darkness all around us."

"Alice, will you just open the damn curtains(more)
Jane is a bath gel nomad. She never uses the same product twice. She switches through aromatic body soaps and gels on her constant search for one that, in her words, "knocks me out with its aromatic lusciousness".

I admire her noble goal, though I can see how(more)