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somehow in the way
that he walks, his shoes can speak
of truth and freedom.

sometimes it's as if
those pressed trousers of his have (more)
They say that those who cannot do, teach.
And sometimes this is true.
Sometimes teachers are truly miserable,
And don't care what their students do.

Some teachers walk into class like ghosts, (more)
The exacto knife smells like iron.
It does not remind me of the things that happened, but rather the things that didn't.

The exacto knife is rusty and dusty.
It tells me to be grateful. (more)
[To Sarah] (1:22)

[To Brad] (1:22)
I am black, white, and gray
Sometimes, grainy
Sometimes, blurry
All the time, unclear

You are the colour of (more)
She's crouching with her son at her side who is shaking harder than she is.
She wonders if he knows what's happening. She hopes to God he doesn't. She weeps.

"Don't cry, Mama!" he says. (more)
She runs because it's probably the closest to 'high'
she'll ever be.
The only sounds are her breathing and her feet.
Inhale, exhale. Right, left. Inhale, exhale.

She runs because it's comforting to know (more)
"You have to be kidding."
"I'm not. Honest."
"This wasn't the reaction I was anticipating."
"Yeah, I can imagine... Sorry."
"It's okay." (more)