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The perfect picture requires perfect timing. To capture a slice of life, in its glory, form and pleasure. One looks at a perfect picture and smiles.
Just as those who came before never succeeded, those who come after never will either. In this age of war, fear and tyranny, the oppressed shall never rise, never stand and always crumble. This was until, one day, when all the slaves, servants, finally gathered, and saw in the(more)
The winds howl, and the rain falls. I see you, palm against the window, shivering.The tears fall, you hope you can one day feel the rain again, fall on your hair, your face. The creaking downstairs never stops, as it grows louder, our hearts beat, and your rapid breath(more)
I know a guy, that knows a guy, that knows a guy, y'know? He could hook up all sorts of connections for ya. But it'd cost ya. Bit more, bit more, that's golden. Now, you and me never met, and never exchanged this handful of money. Capisci?
I swear I am not lying when I'm telling you this story. It started with me waking up on the floor of the casino. I had no idea what I was doing there! I swear. So being hungover, I walk into my suite, and it's covered in vomit, blood(more)
There once were two cities separated by an expanse of water. One city decided to build a bridge to the other one. It fell down, everyone died. Now there are 2 empty cities.
The end.
Feel the wind. The sun, the heat. The hair brushing against your face, the salty tang of the sea. The sand under your feet, between your toes. The feel of each grain as your squirm your toes. The call of the seagulls. Feel my hands around your neck. Squeeze.(more)
looking across, I see the curvature, the water and the land, and I jump.
A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.
Not really. A piece of shit is still a piece of shit no matter how many names you adorn it with. Take my ex for example, lazy, yet always willing to go the extra mile to fuck my(more)
So yeah, this fucking guy struck me with his stupid ute on the way home. Now I'm lying, paralyzed, in a puddle of my own piss and shit. But you know what? I don't blame the guy. I blame the blind corners, the wet roads and the fucking Toyota(more)
It's the end, the last time.
It's the slice of happiness, the hell of life.
It's the love and hate, the visceral apathy.
It is over.
What was I thinking? Was this madness? INSANITY?
I definitely wasn't ready for that. That...moment. The lights, the heat, the smug smiles on those pretentious faces on those stupid looking heads. They want you to think they're listening, OH SURE. That's what they want. Guess what, they aren't. The(more)