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not even pretty
are the words travelling
from my lips to your hipbones
between breaths of woodsmoke
hindering the embers of our embrace (more)
i once danced with a man
who believed sorrow
could be shed
with a few drinks
and a buzzing head
full of bumblebees (more)
for the unlicensed lumberjack
who hollows out trees
where their hearts are
because he cannot bear
to feel he is alone
even if you are one half
of a set of twins
you are the first you
that has ever been

no blue coats (more)
initially i thought
that the topic
was sinister
instead of sister
but now
that i think of it (more)
if talking
didn’t take up
so much oxygen
i’d probably apologize
for having taken
zero point five (more)
when i was little
i tried to sew
my thinking cap
to my scalp
for i feared that
if i ever took it off (more)
a man once told me
not to be sad
because everything
from african elephants
to skyscrapers
were once stars (more)
gaia wore floral print dresses
'till the day her children
told her that earth tones
were out of style

her eldest (more)
humans are hot boxes in skin suits
but our zippers are sold separately

we are blazing blood and stomach acid
held up by a steady skeleton city
if self-worth was determined by flyaway hairs
the static-cling of my scalp would be more than enough
to hold my skull together

and i could stand inside my stomach (more)
the first boy to set foot on the moon did so in apollo thirty-five issued space-shoes, and while they looked a lot like his winged adidas sneakers, he was surprised that a single leap didn't send him across the sky. he turned his head to the boy two steps(more)
even before your two cups of chamomile, you decide that your morning headache is worth your now-solved heartache. you think that last night you caught the bubbly bug between sips of chardonnay and paper napkin notes slipped between your fingertips. you remember that as your mind melted into liquid(more)