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You know,
I can hear you.
I can definitely hear you.
even from downstairs I can hear you.
you may want to consider that the next time you
argue over it (more)
I've got nothing left to give
to those who use me
and leave me
to suffocate in my cocoon

I've got nothing left to say (more)
Why not? they ask me
and I mutter something average.
but I am really afraid
for what comes after the plunge
that you may say, No,
the looks, the words, the kindness (more)
On days like this,
when love is all around me
my primal survival instinct
moans, telling me
to pack it up, Girl,
get a move on (more)
Don't call me
when your life is as broken as mine
{or as ironically poetic}
because Karma will answer and you
won't like the greeting
This is for 'mechanical reply'.

The mechanical reply
marches out of my mouth
I look you straight in the eye (more)
I harbor several hopes in my ribcage
the one I give most my attention is
my hope for Success
doesn't always happen
though I wish  
Line them up
and knock them down
with a gun that has no trigger
and I'll watch without a sound
and report my findings later
I used to think that I was boring
because I'm a white girl from a middle class
two-parent family
I'm straight and pretty nerdy
what challenges could I possibly have?
I'm driving with one hand,
fumbling with a map with the other
but this is uncharted territory and
if I get lost here
you will have to show me the way back
if there's a way back (more)
I know I don't look like much
not much of anything
but please don't look at me like that
like I've had everything
I've ever wanted handed to me
like I have never worked in my life (more)
I'm not sure how you don't know
without a doubt
that I love you
I don't think anyone has seen
all of me
every part of me
every angle
they see the mirror image
(we all know how wrong the mirror can be) (more)
Ok, so I don't know if this is cheating but I wrote this poem a long time ago and it fits perfectly with the trigger. I wrote it during a brief but passionate fling I had with structured, rhyming poems. *gasp!* Yes, I am sorry. But of all of(more)
I'm only a child
by your standards
but sometimes children aren't
blinded or biased
I see through this red tape
and it disgusts me (more)